How Slack uses AI to crowdsource IT support directly in chat

Slack redefined collaboration with its enterprise chat platform, and now it’s partnered with Moveworks to crowdsource IT support with AI.


Slack is a collaboration hub that brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done. Released in 2013, Slack boasts more than 12 million daily active users and is deployed by almost two-thirds of the Fortune 100.

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IT issues resolved autonomously


Providing employees with the real-time help as quickly as other work streams on Slack


Employees can crowdsource tech support without leaving Slack

The Problem

Slack’s mission was to change the way employees self-service IT support

IT teams have embraced employee-facing chat channels as an alternative way to provide support, since there’s a good chance that someone in the group is experiencing the same issue, or has created a workaround, or even knows the solution. However, keeping track of these requests can cause an increase in busy work for already overextended IT teams. Service desk agents must read through each thread to determine the best course of action.

Slack recognized the value of offering tech support in a group setting — that is, via Slack channel. Helping employees over chat — and in particular, over group chat — is a radical departure from the portal or email-based support that’s long been standard at other organizations. And it’s a departure that makes sense, given Slack’s mission of bringing open communication to the workplace. But the question remained: Would this approach deliver faster, more efficient resolutions?

The Solution

Crowdsourcing IT support with AI that understands conversation

Having explored a variety of IT support solutions, Slack rolled out Moveworks in March 2019 and never looked back. Known to the company’s employees as AskBot, Moveworks is an AI-powered copilot that lives on the internal Slack environment. 

Importantly, Moveworks Channel Resolver resides in a public chat channel. The copilot leverages advanced natural language understanding (NLU) to determine the right resolution to an employee’s request. And when users unpredictably switch to a new topic, Moveworks’ conversational AI enables AskBot to shift gears, rather than sticking to a pre-scripted dialog. 

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Slack is already where employees spend most of their time, whether they’re sharing updates, accessing resources, or just talking to each other. IT support shouldn’t be any different — that’s where Moveworks comes in.

Stephen Franchetti

VP of Business Technology, Slack

The Result

Slack automates IT support to achieve its vision of friction-free business

Thanks to AskBot, for the first time, employees can get instant resolution directly in the IT support channel — from software provisioning to account unlocks to installation instructions to the guest WiFi password. And for IT teams, Channel Resolver means that Ask-IT channels no longer require an army of agents to maintain. 

When employees ask questions in Slack’s group IT channel, the copilot reads each message to ensure nothing gets lost in the shuffle. And if AskBot spots an issue it can resolve, it DMs the employee to help — then updates the channel for all to see. Often considered the “holy grail” of the IT space, the power to supercharge the group IT channel with AI has finally arrived.

The verdict is clear: It’s time to supercharge your Slack workspace with AI.

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