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of employees helped by Moveworks

Moveworks has meant so much more than cost savings. The bot has completely changed our employee experience; it’s easily the best business decision I’ve made. David Lewis, AVP of Compute Services, Verisk

Empowering data-driven decisions

Founded in 1971, Verisk Analytics is one of the world’s leading data analytics companies. It works with firms across industries—from energy to finance to logistics—and empowers them to make decisions informed by a comprehensive understanding of their risks. The company now serves organizations in 34 countries and is valued at approximately $30 billion, as of July 2021.

Integrating and supporting so many globally dispersed employees is an enormous undertaking. The company’s challenge was to create the same, simple support experience for its entire workforce—allowing its people to get help fast and spend more time on high-value work.

Vic brings real-time help to Teams

In August 2020, Verisk rolled out Moveworks, known as Vic to its employees. Vic is an advanced AI chatbot available inside Microsoft Teams, Verisk’s hub for collaboration. By deeply understanding employees’ requests with AI, Vic maps each one to the right solution, whether it’s a snippet from a troubleshooting guide, a form to order new hardware, or a map of the company headquarters. Vic intercepts emails, tickets, and forms sent to the help desk and then solves the requests automatically.

Most chatbots struggle to hold a natural conversation without following a script, but thanks to the Moveworks Intelligence Engine™, Vic can seamlessly shift gears when a user switches to a new topic, rather than relying on a pre-scripted dialog. 

“Moveworks is a chatbot that made me go ‘yes’ right away,” said David Lewis, AVP of Compute Services at Verisk, “and it’s been a great journey ever since.”


  • Scaling support for rapid growth, while keeping IT headcount steady
  • Making return-to-office easy in a large and complex organization


  • Delivered instant, personalized support to 96% of employees
  • Created a single place for help, no matter where employees are located


Verisk's Moveworks powered support-bot Vic Vic

Moveworks support-bot provides automated proactive HR support


account issues resolved per month


of issues resolved automatically with Moveworks

Verisk's Moveworks powered support-bot Vic

New approach to employee comms

In attempting to bring together its worldwide workforce, Verisk’s top priority is keeping everyone on the same page. With Moveworks for Employee Communications, Vic delivers targeted updates and reminders to only the affected employees, meeting them on Microsoft Teams where they’re already working. Vic even allows Verisk to schedule messages at a certain time for employees in different time zones, so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

The best part? Messages from Vic are interactive, allowing employees to take the requested action or ask follow-up questions directly through the bot. In other words, Vic isn’t just a messenger; it’s an expert assistant that can provision new software or provide a snippet from the latest travel policy, right there in chat.

De-risking the return to the office

Verisk has always prioritized giving employees everything they need to do their best work. And as many employees return to the office, handling the transition effectively will make or break their experience—influencing their decision to stay for the long haul. However, it’s not easy to make so many new hires comfortable in an unfamiliar environment, all at once. As Verisk reopens its offices, its employees need help with everything from connecting to the WiFi network to setting up hardware.

Using Vic, Verisk is making the transition effortless, since the bot keeps employees productive and comfortable by delivering immediate support. And with Moveworks for Employee Communications, sharing critical updates is just as fast.

Moveworks took a huge burden off our team. Our agents are free from button-clicking problems and can now focus on building long-term solutions. Bill Merritt, Global Helpdesk Manager, Verisk

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