Moveworks Intelligence Engine

The Moveworks Intelligence Engine is the deep AI technology that powers our platform.

Its 5 machine learning components work together to solve employees' support issues — instantly and automatically.

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Language Core

The first machine learning system that understands every kind of support issue.

  • Structures & annotates natural language
  • Accurately predicts the importance of each word
  • Probabilistically determines the request’s true intent
  • Constantly learns from employee feedback

Every support issue is unique. Our system is designed to figure out what employees need, no matter how they phrase their requests.

When employees ask for help, they explain symptoms: My screen turned blue. I think I need the link to the security training. Where can I find 401k information? The ambiguity of these requests makes it difficult for a computer to step in. How can a machine intelligently separate the signal from the noise? 

Language Core™ is an AI-powered system that treats every question as complex words and phrases with different context and intent, not just as clusters of keywords. Several models are used to break down employee language, taking in every piece of relevant information to decide how to best resolve issues and determine exactly what the employee needs in real time. 

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Dynamic Flow

The conversational AI engine that doesn't follow a script.

  • Built to switch from one topic to the next swiftly
  • Gets to the right answer in the fewest turns
  • Handles any request, from ambiguous to verbose

Natural conversation is fluid, but traditional chatbots script every step.

It's frustrating when a chatbot doesn't understand you or directs you down the wrong pre-programmed path. 

Dynamic Flow™ treats every interaction like a normal conversation, switching topics with the user. By looking at every question in context, a Moveworks chatbot engages naturally, adjusting in the moment to resolve an employee's issue.

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Action Bid

The state-of-the-art bidding system for determining the right resolution.

  • Blazing-fast bidding, ranking, and execution system
  • Incorporates unique conversational context
  • Deliberately considers every path to resolution

The best decision is always changing because your business is always changing.

New resources, better answers, updated platforms. Traditional conversational platforms don’t have the flexibility to automatically change decisions based on these new systems if every conversation is scripted.

Action Bid™ uses sophisticated machine learning to consider every possible path forward — like serving up a form to get a new laptop vs. a troubleshooting article vs. creating a ticket — at each turn of the conversation, and surfaces the winner.

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Semantic Match

The enterprise search engine that finds the single best answer.

  • Deeply understands resolution data
  • Leverages relevance and personalization
  • Matches the best answer to a given question

Getting help at work shouldn't take a monumental effort.

Sifting through dozens of disconnected back-end systems to craft a personalized answer is a massive, manual effort for employee service teams. The same question doesn’t always have the same answer. Factors like an employee’s location, department, seniority, and security permissions all determine what she needs to know. 

The future of enterprise search requires a distinct approach that finds and presents the single best answer to the employee without them ever having to leave chat. It understands the answer just as well as the question.

Semantic Match™ runs machine learning on all of your resolution data to deeply understand it. Then, it uses relevance and personalization models to surface the resolution most significant to that specific employee in the form of a concise text snippet.

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Enterprise Cache

The system that transforms hard‑to‑use resources into bite‑sized solutions.

  • Ingests resources across all systems daily
  • Incorporates resources on the public web
  • Annotates & enriches resources with user context
  • Transforms resources into snippets

Answers live deep inside different company resources and systems: ITSM and HRIS portals, knowledge bases, and more.

Employees shouldn't waste important time sifting through all these documents to get help.

Enterprise Cache™ automatically ingests, standardizes, scans, annotates, and conversationalizes every knowledge article, form, FAQ, user record, and more into simple, annotated snippets so that all of the machine learning models in Semantic Match, Language Core, and Action Bid can work their magic.

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