Power Design built the service desk of the year with AI

Power Design enabled its IT team to focus on innovation and strategic initiatives by using Moveworks' AI to automate repetitive tasks.


Power Design is a leading multi-trade contractor operating in 23 states across the US, generating over $1 billion in annual revenue by taking construction projects from start to finish across electrical, mechanical, plumbing, systems and more.

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Service Desk Institute certification achieved


Manual support processes slowed issue resolution


Named Service Desk of the Year by the Service Desk Institute for the team’s breakthrough innovation and measurable impact

The Problem

Empowering a dispersed workforce with proactive service

With over three decades of experience and more than 1,700 projects under its belt, Power Design has cemented itself as a leading multi-trade contractor industry. The 2800-plus employee company operates in more than 23 states across the US, generating over $1 billion in annual revenue.

With a dispersed workforce across offices and project sites, manual support processes slowed issue resolution for Power Design. Their IT team found itself bogged down handling repetitive tasks rather than focusing on strategic initiatives. They needed to provide fast, consistent support to drive employee productivity and enable their IT talent to focus on adding business value.

The Solution

Introducing HelpBot — Power Design's AI copilot

To provide instant, unified service, Power Design deployed Moveworks’ AI copilot.

Known internally as HelpBot, it gives employees an automated self-service option to resolve both more common issues like password resets and more complex challenges like device monitoring. This AI-powered approach enables the help desk team to focus on more complex, strategic projects instead of repetitive tasks.

Powered by large language models, HelpBot serves as a single point of contact for employees. It understands questions posed in everyday language and can pull data from integrated systems to resolve tickets proactively.

As HelpBot’s knowledge grows over time, it will automate an increasing percentage of employee issues to provide consistent, personalized support.

Power Design with Moveworks chat screen

Moveworks’ AI gives us a springboard to innovate and accomplish more with less.

Josh Nelson

Director of Technology Experience, Power Design

The Result

Award-winning innovation and strategic impact

By leveraging Moveworks' automation, Power Design has been able to innovate and accomplish more with less.

In a matter of months, the IT team has automated over 1,000 hours of complex tasks with Moveworks’ Creator Studio, freeing them to focus on upskilling and tackling complex initiatives that create business value.

This proactive service and breakthrough innovation earned Power Design the prestigious honor of SDI's Service Desk of the Year.

With Moveworks fueling their ambition, the team is positioned to continue setting the standard for what a service desk can achieve. Moveworks gives them a launchpad to push boundaries and remain an industry leader in their approach to supporting employees and enabling IT talent.

Power Design Moveworks avatar

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