Use a single interface to interact with hundreds of business systems

Streamline employee experience

Dramatically improve employee interactions with an adaptive, conversational support experience.

Boost employee productivity

Help employees search information and take action instantly, giving them time to focus on more impactful work.

Increase tech stack ROI

Get the most value out of your business systems with generative AI, making it easy for employees to get things done.

Search and take action

Find answers and complete tasks within business systems

Give your employees one central place to search and take action. When the best solution requires internal data, knowledge articles, and updates across many systems, the Moveworks Copilot has got you covered.


Personalized experience

Deliver a truly conversational experience

Because the Copilot knows details like an employee's role, location, and conversation history, users can enjoy easy and conversational support.


Empower every employee to work smarter


The Copilot instantly synthesizes information from different sources, staying grounded in your data.


Develop trust and save time by immediately verifying the information and source for every response.

Dynamic follow-up

Rely on the Copilot to ask follow-up questions to help you hone in on the right answer.

Complex requests

Whether you need answers to multiple questions or need to complete a task that requires multiple steps, the Copilot can handle it all at once.

Proactive actions

The Copilot can complete tasks proactively on your behalf, like automatically provisioning software, helping your team get ahead.

Search functionality

The Copilot can find whatever you need by sourcing information from your internal knowledge bases, files, and external sources of your choice.

The conversational interface every department wants

Reduce L1 support requests

Transform employee self-service, and eliminate routine help desk tasks.
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Alleviate mundane HR tasks

Level up recruiting, talent management, onboarding, benefits, and payroll.
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Keep your finances in check

Modernize vendor management, accounts receivable, and procurement.
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The generative copilot for work

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Seamless integrations across all your business applications

Integrations for actions feature

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Find files, KBAs, structured data, and more across all of your business apps and the public web.
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Provision management

Unlock productivity by giving employees full access to their business-critical tools in seconds and freeing service teams from L1 tickets.
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Employee notifications

Send automatic notifications directly in chat, based on events triggered from any system.
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Bring generative AI to work

Learn how Moveworks helps employees automate tasks, find information, query data, get notifications, and create content across all your business applications.

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