Discover and deploy new conversational AI use cases

Create custom workflows

Turn your business processes into conversations with generative AI.

Answer questions with data

Make enterprise data discoverable through LLM-powered data lookups.

Inform employees of key events

Proactively update employees with important information through the Copilot.

Workflow automation

Say goodbye to scripting and decision trees

Use generative AI to design fluid yet controlled conversation workflows that deliver instant answers, initiate workflows, and surface other resources.

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Data lookups

Get data from any system, any department, any time

Query data from across your org – including your marketing campaigns, sales opportunities, or purchase orders – using only a few words.

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Employee notifications

Send proactive, actionable alerts to users

Use triggered events to send important messages to your employees straight from your business systems to their preferred platform.

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The fastest way to create custom AI use cases

Extensible integration

Bring the power of Moveworks to every business application to support your unique use cases.

Generative design

Build custom workflows in minutes using our LLM-powered conversation designer.

Smart logic

LLM reasoning allows employees to reliably perform calculations, comparisons, and other data analysis.

Event API

Automatically trigger one-time, recurring, or dynamic Copilot notifications through API integrations.

Generative intents

Let AI figure out when to trigger custom paths by providing it with a few sample utterances.

Usage analytics

Analyze engagement by viewing user interaction and determine which new use cases to prioritize.

Power Design builds the service desk of the year with AI

Moveworks’ AI implementation at Power Design automated over 1,000 hours of tasks, earning them the Service Desk of the Year award and 4-star SDI certification.

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The generative copilot for work

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Approvals workflow

Automatically facilitate approvals for RITM, CHG, IGA, PER, PTO, PO requests, and more.
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Find files, KBAs, structured data, and more across all of your business apps and the public web.
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AI Analytics

Moveworks provides rich analytics empowering app owners, service desk leaders, and C-suite executives to optimize service.
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Connect to every business application

Integrations for actions feature

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