Streamline support with an AI copilot

Engage employees

Simplify the support experience with an AI copilot that can resolve issues, find answers, file tickets, track updates, and more.

Reduce the workload

Our AI will take care of L1 tasks and ticket routing so your team can spend more time on impactful projects.

Continuously improve

Use our AI analytics to pinpoint the automation opportunities and knowledge articles that will deliver value.

LLM-powered automation across all your business systems


Advanced machine learning models automatically route and categorize tickets into the right assignment groups — giving agents all the info they need.


Allow employees to look up the status of one or multiple tickets with everyday language.


Automatically send notifications to employees and agents when a response is required.


Provide two-way translation across ticket titles, short descriptions, long descriptions, work notes, and comments.


Set reminders to notify employees or agents when they haven’t followed up on a response.


Use large language models to break down ticket data and visualize the areas of service that need the most improvement.

Triage Tickets

AI powered categorization with 97%+ accuracy

Our ML models analyze every ticket that lands in your ticketing system so we can get it to the right team within seconds — even if it's not submitted through our Copilot.


Continous Service Improvement

Focus on the highest impact initiatives

Our powerful AI analytics solution mines the unstructured language in your ticket data and copilot conversations to reveal the most pressing issues for your workforce.


Equinix uses Moveworks to triage across thousands of assignment groups

E-Bot assigns the tickets it can’t finish resolving to the correct subject matter experts — with the same 96% accuracy rate achieved by help desk agents.

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