Blog / January 13, 2023

Bhavin Shah on HMG Spotlight: 2023 will be the year of conversational AI

Bhavin Shah, CEO and Founder

moveworks and hmg strategy

Innovation in machine learning related to human language is rapidly accelerating. 

GPT-3 and other generative AI models have opened a wide range of opportunities, and ChatGPT has made interacting with these technologies highly accessible. For businesses, this means assessing the potential impact on their products, workforce, and overall operations as certain aspects of their business may be disrupted. Every company must consider the implications and how to adopt or adapt to this technology.

I recently sat down with HMG Spotlight’s Hunter Muller to share my perspective on how ChatGPT will accelerate innovation and spur efficiencies across the modern enterprise.

In my mind, new AI technologies, such as generative AI, are becoming crucial for organizations looking to cut costs and boost productivity. Generative AI offers a range of use cases for productivity gains and new revenue opportunities, from instant code fixes to personalized customer offers and even support for employee self-service HR and IT. ChatGPT is showing us a new kind of automation and synthesis that is now available, and understanding what that means for businesses and how to support teams will be a focus in the first half of 2023.

Get a deeper understanding of my perspective by watching the video below:

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