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What can HR teams do with an AI chatbot? Make an immediate impact.

Varun Singh, VP of Product


HR leaders, you already know the stakes are high. Hybrid work is fast becoming commonplace. Burnout is rampant. The pandemic is ongoing. There’s no way to know what will disrupt business as usual next.

Now is not the time to focus on abstract company culture. Instead — with this much uncertainty — it's critical to quantify your impact on the bottom line. That’s why top HR leaders are so focused on their most impactful job: keeping employees productive.

To help employees be their best, the most forward-thinking HR teams in the world are turning to conversational AI. With AI, employees receive world-class support in seconds, and their HR teams can focus on what matters most — helping people, not muddling through support queues.

Teams at Albemarle and Palo Alto Networks are using this technology now to speed up support, saving their people time and their companies money. Today, I’ll walk you through a fraction of the ways these HR teams use AI to efficiently support their employees.


AI answers HR questions

HR can create a wonderfully positive and happy work environment — but only if they’re not constantly dealing with time-consuming, routine issues. Conversational AI can step in, answering questions in seconds and sending relevant information proactively.

Onboarding employees at scale

New hires have dozens of important things to do. By sending onboarding materials via a conversational chatbot, employees can start their jobs right — with the ability to prioritize top-of-mind questions on day one.

ai answers hr questions

Surface company holiday schedules

Especially in a hybrid world, keeping track of where employees work can be a massive undertaking. With a deeply integrated conversational AI strategy, HR teams can offer up a personalized holiday schedule depending on where employees are located.

Troubleshoot tax situations

Taxes can cause complex — but familiar — problems for employees. AI can surface answers to common questions in seconds, instead of drawing on resources needed for more convoluted issues.

trouble shoot tax situations

Answer travel policy questions

Policies change constantly. With conversational AI, employees can ask a chatbot and get the most up-to-date travel information instead of any older, outdated documentation.

Send open enrollment reminders

Help employees make smart decisions by sending out targeted reminders to enroll in benefits programs. By sending the message via chatbot, employees can ask follow-up questions and get them answered immediately.

send open enrollment reminders

AI accelerates complex HR issues

HR issues aren’t always as simple as a question and an answer. In more complex situations, AI can play an important role: It can triage sophisticated requests. A chatbot can route issues to the right HR specialist by understanding precisely what kind of support an employee needs.

Manage payroll issues

Addressing a payroll issue is a process that often involves many different platforms and steps, but with AI, issues can be submitted quickly and conversationally.

manage payroll issues

Help employees update benefits

HR teams typically have dedicated specialists to manage benefits situations, but employees rarely know who the experts are. With a chatbot, anyone can ask for help and receive the right resources, whether they’re asking about insurance or their 401K.

Submit personal information change requests

When someone relocates, it can take a lot of time and effort from both the employee and HR team to just update a mailing address. AI can surface a form, which can be sent directly to the team or specialist who manages relocations. No more painful phone tag.

submit personal information change requests

Conduct COVID attestation follow-up

There are times when HR really needs to move fast. When an employee tests positive for COVID, you need to immediately get in touch with them and offer resources and assistance. A chatbot reaches out in chat, setting up a direct line of communication as soon as possible.

Verify employment

Whether an employee is buying a house or applying for a visa, employment verification needs to happen quickly. But — getting an employment verification letter from HR can take days. An AI-powered system cuts through red tape by helping employees find and submit the right information to the right HR specialist.


verify employment

Manage training requests

AI makes it easy for employees to request training on the fly. Instead of dealing with complicated processes on platforms they rarely visit, they can find relevant courses just by asking.


AI connects HR systems

Modern HR teams depend on various systems to manage a half dozen different function areas. The challenge is that systems are often difficult to integrate. This puts both HR teams and employees in difficult positions. Implementing multiple standalone systems increases the risk of data inaccuracies, confuses the user experience, and creates unnecessary admin work. Here’s where AI really shines, weaving together multiple systems into a single, seamless user experience.

Manage PTO balance lookups

HR teams are already juggling dozens of projects. Let AI help employees check their remaining PTO and request any time off in a single conversational interface.

manage pto balance lookups

Handle role change requests

AI unifies existing HR systems to provide the best up-to-date answer or action, pulling from systems like Workday. Employees don’t need to remember multiple systems, and HR teams don’t have to manually update dialog flows.

Approve timesheets

AI can automatically route approvals to the right hands. Managers can quickly approve a timesheet using natural language, ensuring employees get what they need ASAP.

approve timesheets

Approve leave requests

There are dozens of ways to ask about leave: My wife is pregnant; I’m interested in a sabbatical; I’m dealing with a challenging family situation. AI breaks down language to understand vague user requests and respond with relevant information and next steps.

HR teams — make an impact with AI

The world is changing fast, and it’s up to HR teams like yours to keep your company connected. That’s why you need to find a solution that makes an immediate impact, instead of adding more to your plate.

You need a comprehensive solution that addresses the employee experience holistically. And when it comes to conversational AI, Moveworks is the only solution that does it all. Employees can read the latest policies, look up their PTO balance, or update their personal information in no time at all. HR teams can say goodbye to “Oh! I missed the enrollment period!” and “I need my timesheet approved now!!!” practically overnight. 

When it comes to HR, you can’t compromise. You need the best conversational AI. And that means Moveworks.

Learn how Palo Alto Networks saved 351,000 hours of productivity with AI-powered HR. Check out our case study!

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