Transform your HR team with AI

Automate tedious HR tasks to focus on strategic initiatives

Your HR team is stuck handling admin tasks. Give them time to make a real impact, like hiring and retaining top talent.

Provide 24/7 answers to employees' HR questions

Information can hide in many places. Moveworks gives your employees one place to find answers to every HR question.

Create an unforgettable onboarding experience

Make sure new hires never miss a step in the onboarding process, while freeing up HR teams to make them feel welcome.

Benefits questions

Make it easy for employees to understand their benefits

Whether your employee is taking paternity leave or finding a new doctor, understanding their benefits should be simple. Give them all the information they need — instantly.


Retirement plan details

Access all your retirement details in one place

Don’t make employees navigate disparate systems to find their retirement details. Let them check account balances, contribution history, and vesting status all through chat.


Automated onboarding

Guide new hires through onboarding with daily checklists

Onboarding has so many moving parts — from trainings to benefits enrollment. Send personalized, daily emails with remaining tasks, so new hires finish every step on time.


Bring AI transformation to your HR teams

Service management

Transform the service desk with generative AI — Moveworks automates and accelerates service workstreams across the enterprise.
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Employee notifications

Keep every employee up to date with tailored in-chat notifications for critical updates, like policy changes or open enrollment
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Understand which conversational automation use cases will drive the biggest impact for HR teams
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Connect to all your everyday HR applications

Integrations for actions feature

Wellstar automates personalized support for 26K+ healthcare employees

Instead of manually building a toolkit chatbot, Wellstar transformed its employee experience with AI that works out of the box.

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Learn more about how Moveworks helps HR teams

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Find out how copilots are transforming HR operations to improve employee experience.

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Discover how to elevate your employee experience strategy and quantify improvements.

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Case Study

Palo Alto Networks used conversational AI to support its hybrid workforce at scale.

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Learn about the 4-tier framework to create an AI copilot strategy for your company.

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