Data Sheet

Moveworks omnichannel support

At Moveworks, our vision is to make getting help at work as easy as possible. But to make that vision a reality, we had to recognize that every employee has different habits when it comes to solving their support issues. Some prefer to submit a form through an IT portal. Some will directly email a colleague on the HR team. And some might ask the entire company for help on a public Slack channel.

Because employees look for help in all these different places, deploying support automation is all the more challenging.

In this data sheet, learn how Moveworks omnichannel support:

  • Provids support in the chat platform employees are actively using to create a one-stop shop for self-service

  • How Moveworks’ Channel Resolver can jump into conversations on public channels to provide reactive support reducing the burden on IT Teams to read and monitor all messages

  • Offers the same chat experience on web portals for employees that prefer enterprise portals as their primary support channel

  • Intercepts issues no matter where they are submitted and surfaces a solution directly in the employee’s preferred channel

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