Maximize output with Moveworks Customer Success

Experience faster problem resolution with Moveworks Customer Success. Utilizing advanced machine learning approaches and professional customer expertise, we empower your team with goals-driven and efficient project handling strategies. Our focus ranges from streamlining your enterprise systems to promoting broad employee adoption of your IT resolution chatbot. Our ultimate ambition is to increase your team's capacity for autonomous ticket resolution, thereby optimizing your operational productivity. 

In this data sheet, learn about how Moveworks Customer Success helps by:

  • Crafting a comprehensive Statement of Work (SOW) to clearly outline project goals and timelines.

  • Adapting enterprise systems to connect smoothly with the Moveworks platform to drive AI readiness.

  • Identifying and implementing process changes and system enhancements to boost autonomous ticket resolution.

  • Drafting engaging promotions to encourage greater adoption of your IT resolution chatbot.

  • Leveraging ticket data and platform usage analysis post-deployment to spot opportunities for improved automation, process enhancements, new self-service forms, and knowledge base article creation.

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