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Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Webinar: Driving 256% ROI with Moveworks


Duration: 36 Minutes

Shifting from a traditional service desk to a modern Conversational AI model on Moveworks is a game-changing investment. But what’s the true impact?

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to determine the ROI our customers have seen since implementing Moveworks for IT and HR support.

Watch our exclusive webinar and unlock the results of the study:

  • Learn how AI-driven solutions create an exceptional employee experience, elevating satisfaction and engagement.
  • Witness average savings of $11.5 million over three years as Moveworks’ Conversational AI slashes support interaction costs.
  • Reclaim a stunning 90,000 productivity hours by automating tasks with Moveworks’ Conversational AI platform.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your business. Watch the on-demand webinar now.

Watch the on-demand webinar now!

Guest Speakers:

Will McKeon-White, Analyst, Forrester

Will McKeon-White

Analyst, Forrester

Richard Cavallero, Sr. Consultant, Forrester Total Economic Impact

Richard Cavallero

Sr. Consultant, Forrester Total Economic Impact

Moderated by:

Brandon Cohan, Head of Business Value Consulting

Brandon Cohan

Head of Business Value Consulting, Moveworks

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