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Deliver personalized facilities support, 24/7.

Your employees expect instant support when they have a question about the office. Make onsite work feel like magic with instant, targeted answers to every question — from requesting a badge to finding a conference room.

Let your team focus on meaningful projects.

Help your Workplace Services Team focus strategic projects that keep your office running smoothly. Our AI chatbot handles all your employees’ routine requests and policy questions.

Move together when things change.

Keep everyone on the same page. Our bot helps you reach the right people, by giving them the resources they need to take action on your message — whether that’s filling out a form or reading the latest office policy.


Of Medallia’s employees get help with Moveworks



Employee interactions with Moveworks bot at Palo Alto Networks



Issues resolved autonomously at Broadcom


A single hub for all your facilities requests

Employees shouldn’t have to spend their time figuring out how to get help. Moveworks gives them one place to go for every issue. Whether your employees need to request new equipment or an office badge, they can do it all from the chat platform they already use. 

  • Request a badge
  • Book conference rooms
  • Submit maintenance requests

Never feel lost in an office again

Moveworks makes it easy for employees to acclimate to any office. They can instantly find the conference room for their next meeting or figure out where their coworker sits — just by asking their AI chatbot.

  • Conference room directions
  • Employee look up
  • Office policy questions

Instant, actionable, office updates

Moveworks makes sure your employees always know what’s going on, from office access guidelines to building maintenance. Moveworks lets you send targeted messages directly on the chat platform. And, if your team has any follow-up questions, our bot handles the back-and-forth.

  • Office policy updates
  • Office closures
  • Security notifications

"Moveworks brings together all our resources and technologies into one interface, so employees don’t have to go digging around. It lets different departments work in their own unique systems, while giving employees a one-stop shop for everything."

Elizabeth Wheeler

Director of Benefits & HR Connect, Palo Alto Networks

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