Moveworks powers the best places to work

Instant, personalized access to the right knowledge base for every employee

Reduce the tickets sent to your help desk.

Give your employees the right answer, instantly — without making them file a ticket. Moveworks intelligently surfaces the most relevant answers and articles from anywhere in your knowledge base.

Find and fill gaps in your knowledge base.

Make sure you know the most common issues slowing down your team. Our AI identifies opportunities for new articles. That way, your help desk can focus on creating the most impactful content.

Increase the ROI of your existing systems.

Bring together all your forms, knowledge articles, and FAQs to one place. The Moveworks platform integrates with your systems to automatically deliver the right resources to your employees every time.

Knowledge articles surfaced through Moveworks at Broadcom


Average time for Moveworks to solve a support issue at Nutanix


Of employees at Verisk helped by Moveworks

Identify which articles to prioritize

For organizations looking to build a self-service experience, understanding information gaps is critical. Moveworks helps your business uncover and understand key knowledge gaps, so your technical writers can fill them in.

  • Identify trends in questions
  • Uncover gaps in knowledge
  • Prioritize knowledge to write

Access knowledge from anywhere

Constantly updating caches within service portals or bots is a huge waste of time and resources. When your team updates a knowledge article, Moveworks automatically ingests the latest information. That means, your team is always getting the most up-to-date answer without any added effort from your team.

  • Surface updated knowledge
  • Integrate across knowledge bases
  • Work in the knowledge base of your choice

Provide the best search experience

Finding the right answers should be easy for every employee. When your employee asks our AI chatbot a question, Moveworks searches through every article, provides personalized snippets of relevant information, and links to the full article.

  • Google-like search experience
  • Personalized answers based on profile
  • Provide multiple options to ensure the best answer

Broadcom surfaces over 4,000 knowledge articles to its employees

By integrating scattered knowledge bases with AI, Broadcom’s employees can help themselves.

Learn from the best

AI gives us a huge advantage. Moveworks can consume all of our knowledge and deliver it. We now provide a simplified experience for employees that’s available anytime, anywhere

Prakash Kota

CIO, Autodesk

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