Equinix Transforms Employee Support with Moveworks on Microsoft Teams

Equinix Case Study
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“I have three priorities when it comes to supporting our workforce: enable the IT team to focus on high-value tasks, put intelligence in their hands to make better decisions, and deliver the best support experience to employees. Moveworks is unique in that it helps us achieve all three.”

Milind Wagle, CIO, Equinix

freed equivalent of 4.4 FTE agents’ time


overall resolution


ticket routing accuracy

Centralizing for Success

Enterprise chat unites a global team

Enabling over 10,000 employees in their work marketing and managing over 210 data centers across 26 countries, the executive team at Equinix understands the value of Microsoft Teams enterprise chat to bring together its own employees.

The team wanted to handle IT service delivery directly within the Teams platform in order to support the growing organization while keeping the costs of the 400-strong IT team in check.

Last-mile IT Automation

Effortless self-service is the key

By 2018, Equinix IT was ready to automate the last mile of service delivery by empowering employees to self-service their routine IT needs. But to do this, self-service had to be easier than emailing the help desk.

To ensure ease of use, the team deployed an IT service bot by Moveworks, better known to the company’s employees as E-Bot. CIO Wagle says, "Bots that can understand employees’ language are a must going forward.”

“Microsoft Teams is a powerful platform, and Moveworks makes it even more valuable. It’s a symbiotic relationship.”
Greg Ogle, VP of Global IT Infrastructure

Driving Adoption of Microsoft Teams

With Skype for Business reaching end-of-life, the Equinix IT team offered employees access to E-Bot, their Moveworks IT service bot, exclusively on Teams. By connecting to Teams chat, employees got access to instant IT help from E-Bot.

Total employee adoption of Skype never exceeded 25%, but thanks in part to E-Bot, Teams adoption now stands at over 90%. “Leveraging the bot helped with our transition to Teams across the company,” says Greg Ogle, VP of Global IT Infrastructure. “By the time we finally did shut down Skype, it was a nonevent.”

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