Deliver HR help.

Moveworks uses AI to provide
personalized HR solutions, in real time.

Moveworks for HR

Moveworks doesn’t just help you fix HR issues. Our AI chatbot solves them automatically, allowing your team to focus on the big picture.

If you’re creating a world-class company culture, we’ve got you covered. Our platform lets every employee do the best work of their career — by providing HR support in seconds.


"It’s really the small moments that create your company culture. With Moveworks, we’ve made those millions of small moments effortless — by giving our employees what they need, when they need it. The result is that my team can focus on the big projects that move our business forward."

Elizabeth Wheeler Senior Manager of Benefits & HR Connect, Palo Alto Networks

Focus on meaningful work.


Focus on meaningful work.

Right now, you’re stuck answering the same questions, again and again — whether it’s the benefits package or the travel guidelines. 

By automating the busywork, Moveworks frees you up to focus on attracting the best talent and helping employees reach their full potential.

The employee life cycle made easy.


The employee life cycle made easy.

Dealing with the entire employee life cycle is exhausting, from onboarding to training to everyday support.

But our AI does the heavy lifting — by automatically sending the right resources, at the right time, to the right employees. 

Expert, secure help — in seconds.


Expert, secure help — in seconds.

Most of us have come to expect help in seconds, not days. But this creates a huge burden on your team.

Moveworks handles that burden for you by instantly finding answers in your knowledge, and delivering them based on employees’ role, location, and security permissions.

Automate HR support
with Moveworks

Get the most out of your resources

Moveworks ingests and indexes answers from every knowledge article, in every knowledge base
Our AI serves up only the relevant paragraph by deeply understanding HR requests
Moveworks identifies gaps in your knowledge by providing real-time analytics on unanswered questions

Top use cases

Total control over your HR initiative

Personalized HR help
By learning your company’s unique org chart and platform permissions, our AI gives employees access to everything they need — securely.
Smart handoff
Moveworks means you don’t have to worry about routing HR issues. Our bot understands how your team works and automatically sends employees’ requests to the right experts, even in other departments.
HR insights
Our AI allows you to make data-driven decisions, delivering insights on employees’ top questions and most used resources.

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