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Introducing Moveworks for HR: The first AI solution that provides personalized HR support

April 27, 2022 9:00 AM

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Employees can automatically resolve workplace requests through simple conversations with Moveworks — freeing up HR teams to focus on the projects that matter most

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Moveworks, the AI platform that powers the best places to work, today introduced Moveworks for HR: a sophisticated artificial intelligence solution built for human resources. The platform now automatically resolves employees' HR requests, including benefits inquiries, PTO applications, payroll questions, and more.

The shift to flexible work has created enormous challenges for HR teams, since employees expect to stay productive, informed, and fulfilled from anywhere in the world. These employees overwhelm HR with thousands of requests, at all hours of the day, and they continue to quit at a record rate as their companies struggle to support them. Moveworks for HR solves these challenges at scale — with AI that provides instant, personalized help to every employee based on their unique role, department, seniority, benefits, location, and language.

"Moveworks is the core of our digital workplace, since it lets employees access support for the broader tech stack with a single search," said Steve Phillpott, CIO and CDO at Solidigm. "Our job is about using technology to empower and improve the employee experience — whether they need IT support or HR help or more. That's what we've achieved with Moveworks."

Moveworks for HR is an out-of-the-box solution that requires no added work for HR teams. It plugs into a company's preferred communications platform — Slack, Microsoft Teams, or a company portal, for instance — and automatically responds to each unique request with a personalized response. To provide the best possible answer, Moveworks' machine learning models automatically ingest, scan, standardize, annotate, and conversationalize every knowledge article, form, FAQ page, and user record across an enterprise.

With this new release, HR teams can:

  • Resolve common employee requests automatically: Employees can check remaining PTO balances, inquire about benefits, payroll, company holiday schedules, human resources information system (HRIS) questions, and more.
  • Accelerate resolution time for complex issues: Employees go to a single place for PTO approvals, life event changes, employee verification letter requests, and more. Moveworks routes the request to the appropriate person for approvals and recommends the best action for the employee and the approver.
  • Dramatically increase ROI for existing HR systems: Employees no longer have to ask their HR team to access information buried within HR systems and disparate knowledge bases. By connecting Moveworks to these existing systems, such as ServiceNow, Jira, Workday, SharePoint, Simpplr, Guru, and Confluence, among others, the platform can deliver the best possible solution in a single message.

"HR teams are responsible for every aspect of the employee experience, from onboarding new hires to handling major life events," said Moveworks CEO Bhavin Shah. "This has become a near-impossible job in our complex digital world — further complicated by the fact that employees now expect instant support while working from anywhere and everywhere. HR teams need the help of sophisticated AI to overcome their organization's biggest challenges, while still ensuring employees still get the personalized HR support they need."

Moveworks for HR uses hundreds of machine learning models to decide the best possible response or action for each specific user, considering their location, language preference, security permissions, and a variety of other factors. Employees simply ask for what they need, however they want, in whatever language they desire.

"We support over 1,000 team members across the globe with different needs and circumstances," said Lainey Dailo, HR Operations Manager at Solidigm. "Moveworks navigates this complexity for us, which means our people get the personal touch they expect from HR, but without having to wait. To create an incredible employee experience, you need the combination of HR and AI."

Moveworks for HR is a critical addition to the Moveworks platform. Moveworks customers already had the ability to answer questions across any line of business, send interactive comms at scale, and get insights across the entire digital business. With the addition of Moveworks for HR, businesses can resolve HR issues automatically — without the need for manual intervention.

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Moveworks is the AI platform that powers the best places to work.

Today, employees deal with endless distractions: they wait days to get IT support, search through dozens of systems to find the new HR policy, and don't learn about critical changes until it's too late. Moveworks lets them focus on what really matters. Our AI platform gives employees support in seconds, just by asking for what they need, and enables leaders to prevent problems in advance. With Moveworks, companies like Hearst, DocuSign, and Broadcom make work magic.

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