Generate multi-turn conversations that trigger automations

Build in minutes

Turn your user story into a unique conversation flow with generative AI.

Activate automation

Connect your conversations to workflows and content in business apps.

Reduce manual work

Minimize repetitive tasks for agents by codifying their processes into conversation paths.

Generative design

Turn processes into conversations in minutes

Our LLM-powered conversation designer is the fastest way to turn user stories into deployable use cases that solve real employee issues.


Enterprise integrations

Prevent your automation investments from sitting idle

Connect custom conversation paths to iPaaS workflows, knowledge base articles, or API calls to extract more value from your existing business systems.


The fastest way to create custom AI use cases

Generative design

Describe your user story, and AI will build a custom flow for you.

Multi-turn paths

Create simple flows or complex paths to solve your use case.

Generative intents

Let AI figure out when to trigger custom paths with just a few sample utterances.

Smart handoff

When you need to bring in an expert, get handed off to exactly the right person.


Your custom paths are automatically translated into 100+ languages.


Analyze triggering, engagement, and completion for all your custom paths.

Automate processes across every department

Reduce L1 support

Automatically solve every IT request — from VPN problems and conference room issues to loaner laptop requests.
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Automate HR tasks

Create paths to help your team instantly update emergency contacts, submit PTO, or book an office desk.
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Accelerate finance issues

Build custom workflows to add funds to POs, submit expense reports, or change 401K election.
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The generative copilot for work

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Connect to your everyday business applications

Integrations for actions feature

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Automatically facilitate approvals for RITM, CHG, IGA, PER, PTO, PO requests, and more.
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Provision management

Automate tasks in any business application just by using everyday language.
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Send automatic notifications based on events triggered from any system.
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Learn how Moveworks helps employees automate tasks, find information, query data, get notifications, and create content across all your business applications.

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