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Provide a seamless experience for your users.

The best UI is through your own natural language. It doesn’t matter how your users phrase their questions – whether it’s generic like “edit a list” or hyper-specific like “Please remove Marc Thompson from the email distribution list” – Moveworks can understand their underlying intent.                                                                                   

Ensure your approvals workflows are honored.

Whether it’s creating a new list, adding themselves or others, or removing themselves or others, Moveworks incorporates your existing group access configuration and allows you to modify them.        

Automate the last mile & maintain compliance.

Moveworks is integrated with your source of truth email systems and provides access to users by automatically updating the group. To keep a clear audit trail, Moveworks logs every interaction in your ITSM.


Groups Access comes packed with features, acting as the conversational layer between users and distribution list management.

Generic request disambiguation

Fuzzy match

Approval workflows

Approval notifications

Removal notifications

Generic request disambiguation

If the user doesn’t specify which group, Moveworks provides options through chat-modal forms and lets the user decide.

Fuzzy match

The user can respond in natural language, without needing to click any buttons or copy the exact text of the DL, and Moveworks still understands.          

Approval workflows

Configure logic related to an employee’s role (e.g. “is manager”), an existing group member, and group owner, automatic provisioning without approvals, and more for each list.

Approval Notifications

Based on your configured approvals workflows, the correct approver will automatically get notifications with the right level of detail to approve or deny the request in chat.

Removal notifications

Users who get removed from a distribution list from someone else automatically receive notifications in chat.

When your employees are already working in chat and they discover they can instantly talk with HelpBot there, it’s an easy leap for HelpBot to start helping fix issues they care about— changing passwords, updating email DLs, getting ticket updates. When people get what they need, fast, it quickly becomes the new habit.

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