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New Moveworks-Nexthink partnership enables proactive IT support

Manoj Gupta, VP of Partnerships


The digital workplace has brought increased complexity to the employee experience. A technical glitch — no matter how minor — can cause significant disruption. Still, many employees would rather suffer in silence than file a ticket and deal with long wait times. But when issues go unreported or are hidden from IT teams, problems quickly become more serious and more frustrating.

That’s why I’m excited to announce Moveworks’ new strategic partnership with Nexthink. It enables customers to create a digital workplace where IT can take action based on a comprehensive view of employees’ day-to-day experiences. In just one example, Broadcom was able to resolve 57% of IT issues autonomously with Moveworks, while also seeing a 20% to 40% reduction in IT incidents using Nexthink’s real-time insight into its IT ecosystem.

Moveworks’ conversational AI and Nexthink’s automation and insights are a powerful combination. I’ll set out two key areas where this partnership can make an immediate impact for both IT teams and employees:

  1. Real-time end-to-end automation
  2. Proactive issue prevention

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Surface the right solutions in seconds

When an employee has a tech problem, they feel symptoms: an email not sending or a computer that’s slow to start up. But they don’t always know how, or even if, they can resolve the issue on their own. Working through this low-grade pain every day isn’t easy, and as a result, performance and productivity suffer.

Now with the Moveworks-Nexthink partnership, when employees inevitably run into a support issue, they can just ask their bot. Moveworks’ conversational AI can interpret the issue, no matter how many words or what kind of jargon an employee uses. Then, the bot can recommend a specific remote action from Nexthink, resolving the issue in seconds.

outlook access Figure 1: When an employee experiences a technical issue, Moveworks can trigger an action via Nexthink to solve the problem instantly.

For example, an employee messages Moveworks saying she can’t send emails. Moveworks’ natural language understanding (NLU) interprets her message, and then leverages Nexthink to address Outlook Online connectivity issues. If the employee’s Excel keeps crashing, their device has low disk space, or their laptop is slow to start up, the same applies.

The Moveworks-Nexthink partnership gives employees the ability to help themselves, reducing stress on overburdened IT teams and allowing everyone to focus on strategic projects without interruption.

Resolve issues proactively

Moveworks and Nexthink can prompt bigger improvements than just dealing with issues in real time. Together, we can prevent problems from happening in the first place.

As soon as Nexthink detects an issue, employees are automatically prompted to take action directly through their Moveworks bot. Since these notifications target the individual experiencing a specific issue, messages receive high engagement and ultimately prevent an issue from ever getting routed to the service desk.

chrome access Figure 2: Nexthink notifies Moveworks when a disruptive issue occurs, so our bot can reach out to the individual affected and deliver a solution.

For example, Nexthink can identify when an employee has recently experienced a system crash and recommend a solution in seconds. Then, Moveworks’ conversational AI takes over, prompting the user to take action — in this case, to download a new browser — to resolve the issue. 

Addressing low disk space or dealing with other periodic device maintenance now happens immediately, without any involvement from IT. By preventing issues from arriving at your service desk, your team can focus on projects that matter, not busy work.

Put your people first with Moveworks and Nexthink

The combined power of Moveworks and Nexthink allows joint customers to make getting help at work effortless. Ours is the sort of partnership that’s bringing advanced and much-needed AI solutions to IT teams looking to level up their employee experience.

By fixing problems before they get out of hand and quickly resolving any issues that do arise, we empower businesses to exceed their employees' expectations. Together we can help IT teams continuously improve their day-to-day digital workplace experience.


Manoj Gupta is the VP of Partnerships at Moveworks. If you’re interested in learning more about our partnership with Nexthink, email

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