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AI automation tools: The enterprise solution for elevating productivity

Stephanie Baladi, Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Picture this: It's 3 PM on a Tuesday, and your to-do list seems to be growing longer by the minute. Your inbox is overflowing, your team is swamped with repetitive tasks, and that important client presentation? It's still just a blank PowerPoint slide. Sound familiar? In today's fast-paced business environment, it's easy to feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day. 

This is where AI automation tools come in. Once the stuff of sci-fi movies, these tools are now becoming indispensable assets for businesses of all sizes, making them more efficient, reducing costs, and helping them stay ahead of competition. 

According to a recent survey by IBM, 42% of large enterprises have already deployed AI in their business, while another 40% are actively exploring or experimenting with the technology. Even more telling, 59% of those companies surveyed already using AI say they've accelerated their investment in this technology. The message is clear: AI automation is here to stay.

What are the best automation tools in 2024 

From streamlining employee support to transforming content creation, AI automation tools are designed to tackle your most time-consuming tasks and optimize every aspect of your business.

But, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest and most effective tools. That's why we've curated a list of top-performing AI automation solutions across different business categories. No matter what your business needs, there's an AI tool ready to transform the way you work.

The best automation tools for business in 2024:

  • AI tools for employee support (Moveworks)
  • AI tools for sales automation (Gong, Outreach, Drift)
  • AI tools for grammar (Grammarly)
  • AI tools for content creation (Jasper,
  • AI tools for image generation (DALL-E, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion)
  • AI tools for enterprise search (Moveworks)
  • AI tools for task and project management (Clickup, Asana)
  • AI tools for social media management (Sprout Social, Hootsuite)
  • AI tools for visual collaboration and workflows (Mural, Whimsical)
  • AI tools for coding (GitHub)
  • AI tools for presentations (, Simplified)

What are AI automation tools?

AI automation tools are software applications that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate repetitive tasks, streamline processes, and enhance decision-making capabilities. 

Unlike traditional automation tools that rely on pre-programmed rules and workflows, AI automation tools can learn from data, adapt to changing conditions, and make intelligent decisions based on real-time insights. Imagine a tool that can not only automate scheduling meetings but also suggest the most suitable time based on everyone's availability and workload.

Why are AI automation tools important and beneficial

The benefits of AI automation tools are undeniable. Here's a glimpse of what they offer:

  • Increased efficiency: By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, AI tools free up employees to focus on high-impact projects, leading to increased productivity across the entire organization.
  • Cost reduction: Automation can significantly reduce operational costs for businesses and allow them to allocate resources more effectively.
  • Enhanced decision-making: AI tools can analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and provide actionable insights, helping businesses make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

AI tools for employee support

Employee support is a critical function in any organization, and Moveworks can transform the way businesses handle employee queries and respond to issues. 


Moveworks was founded in 2016 with the mission of improving the employee experience through advanced AI. We give employees one place to go to find information and get support, so they can focus on what really matters.

Key products:

  • The Moveworks Copilot combines powerful search capabilities with the ability to automate tasks across every enterprise system, all from a single interface. Automated service management and software provisioning are also available through the Copilot.
  • Creator Studio allows teams to build and deploy custom conversational AI use cases for the Moveworks Copilot.

Core AI functionality:

Want to see the Moveworks Copilot in action? Save your spot at our live product tour.

AI tools for sales automation

Sales automation tools like Gong, Outreach, and Drift leverage AI to analyze sales conversations, provide insights on customer sentiment, and automate follow-up tasks. By optimizing the sales process and identifying best practices, these tools can help sales teams close more deals and drive revenue growth.






Gong captures customer interactions, including video calls, phone calls, and emails then delivers insights at scale, empowering teams to make data-based decisions.

Outreach is a comprehensive sales engagement platform that includes features for email automation, call tracking, and deal insights.

Drift is a conversational marketing platform that allows businesses to chat with website visitors in real-time, qualify leads, and book meetings.

Core AI functionality

- Analyze conversations to summarize key points like customer pain points, outcomes, and next steps.

- Uncover trends happening in customer interactions.

- Automatically translate transcriptions of customer interactions to share insights with everyone on your team.

- Sentiment analysis detects and classifies language used across buyer emails to help sellers overcome objections.

- Generate personalized email copy based on the prior conversations.

- Get real-time call transcription by using a customized speech recognition model that learns the terms important to your business.

- Engage website visitors with human-like conversations, powered by an AI chatbot. 

- Instantly talk to visitors from around the world in their preferred language

- Get an intent score based on the way a prospective account has engaged with your business

AI tools for grammar

Grammar tools, such as Grammarly, use AI to help employees communicate more effectively. By identifying and correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors in real-time, these tools ensure that business communications are professional, clear, and error-free.




Available as a browser extension, desktop app, and mobile keyboard, Grammarly analyzes text in real-time, highlighting errors and suggesting improvements in grammar, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

Core AI functionality

- Get real-time feedback on commas, and commonly confused words, so everything you write is typo-free.

- Provide basic instructions to Grammarly’s generative text tool and get polished drafts in seconds — from emails, to business reports, to a resume.

- Configure Grammarly's AI to your brand voice so anyone on your team can generate great, on-brand writing.

AI tools for content creation

Content creation tools like Jasper and use AI to generate high-quality content, including articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and social media updates. By automating the content creation process, these tools can save time, improve consistency, and enhance the overall quality of marketing materials.




Jasper is an AI platform that focuses on content creation, catering to marketing teams and agencies. helps businesses craft ad copy and all kinds of marketing content.

Core AI functionality

- Turn a single brief or piece of content into a multichannel campaign in seconds.

- Develop supporting imagery for your blog with just a few lines of text.

- Generate engaging, memorable video scripts in seconds with AI.

- Utilize the large AI prompt library to make short-form content generation as seamless as possible.

-  AI actions automate all of Sales and Marketing's everyday content tasks, like translating copy or describing an image.

AI tools for image generation

Image generation tools, including DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion, use AI to create visual content from text prompts. These tools can help businesses develop unique and engaging visuals for marketing campaigns, and product designs.




Stable Diffusion


DALL-E is a generative AI model that creates images from text description. Released in August 2023, DALL-E 3 is the latest text-to-image generation model from OpenAI.

Midjourney is a generative AI program and service created and hosted by the independent research lab Midjourney, Inc. Midjourney generates images from text prompts.

Stable Diffusion 3, released by Stability AI in February 2024, is made up of a suite of large language models. It generates high-quality, photorealistic images.

Core AI functionality

- Available within ChatGPT Plus, Team and Enterprise

- DALL-E 3 generates images that exactly adhere to the text you provide, limiting the need to tune the image with additional prompts.


- To protect artists’ work, DALL-E 3 declines requests for images in the style of living artists. 

- Offers best-in-class prompting and editing options, providing users with extensive control over image creation.

- Includes tools for upscaling images after initial generation and creating multiple variations.

- Allows users to extend the image beyond original boundaries with zoom out and panning capabilities.

- Allows users to the number of steps, the initial seed, and the prompt strength, and you can make a negative prompt (what you don't want to see in your image). 

- Suite of models ranging from 800M to 8B parameters, providing users with a variety of options for scalability and quality.

AI tools for enterprise search

Enterprise search tools like Moveworks use AI to help employees quickly find information within the organization. By understanding natural language queries and providing relevant search results, these tools can improve knowledge sharing, reduce information silos, and boost overall productivity.




Moveworks is the AI Copilot that takes the friction out of work. It unifies every business system, giving employees one place to go to find information and automate tasks, increasing employee productivity by simplifying work.

Core AI functionality

 - AI-powered search lets your team find information — no matter the file type or application it’s in. 

- Combine powerful search capabilities with the ability to automate tasks across your enterprise systems — all right out of the box. 

- The Moveworks Copilot uses a combination of proprietary large language models (LLMs) and third-party LLMs to process and resolve employee requests.

AI tools for task and project management

Task and project management tools like ClickUp and Asana use AI to streamline workflows, organize tasks, and improve team collaboration, ensuring projects are completed efficiently and on time.





ClickUp is a task management platform with built-in features (Tasks, Docs, Goals, and Chat) and a focus on customization.

Asana is a leading project management tool designed to help individuals and teams keep track of tasks, monitor progress, and communicate in real-time.

Core AI functionality

- Ask questions and receive instant answers from your tasks, docs, and people with AI Knowledge Manager.

- Automate project summaries, progress reports, stand-ups, and action items with the AI Project Manager.

- The AI Writer for Work helps employees respond to messages with AI-powered suggestions and generate templates for tasks, documents, and projects.

- Collaborate with an AI assistant that helps you draft goals, get project updates, and write more effective communication.

- Automate repetitive tasks and manage complex workflows at scale, freeing up your team's time for strategic work.

- Get AI-generated summaries of the latest status updates.

- Figure out where to focus your team's efforts with intelligent insights that report across teams and tools.

AI tools for social media management

Social media management tools like Sprout Social and Hootsuite use AI to automate social media posting, analyze audience engagement, and provide insights on social media post performance. By optimizing social media strategies and automating repetitive tasks, these tools can help businesses build stronger online presences and engage with customers more effectively.


Sprout Social



Sprout Social is a social media management and optimization platform that offers tools for publishing, analytics, engagement, and listening.

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that brings scheduling, content creation, analytics, and social listening to one place.

Core AI functionality

- Get precise recommendations on posting times and compelling content creation with Sprout's AI.

- Automate manual tasks using Sprout's sentiment and textual analysis paired with OpenAI integration.

- Generate engaging captions in seconds with AI.

- Generate engaging captions and post ideas instantly using OwlyWriter AI, tailored to specific social media networks and user-defined tones.

- Repurpose top-performing content automatically, recreating your most successful posts.

- Predict topic volumes, identify relevant trends, and analyze emotions and sentiments using Talkwalker's BlueSilk™ AI for comprehensive social media insights.

AI tools for visual collaboration and workflows

Visual collaboration tools such as Mural and Whimsical use AI to help teams brainstorm ideas, map out processes, and collaborate on projects in real-time.





Mural is a digital environment that gives teams a virtual canvas for visual collaboration with sticky notes, whiteboarding tools and image uploads.

Whimsical is a collaborative visual thinking platform that lets teams brainstorm, plan, and document projects.

Core AI functionality

- Generate mind maps, sparking new ideas and directions for your brainstorming sessions.

- Quickly grasp key points and next steps with sticky notes summaries.

- Use Mural AI to generate content, summarize mind maps, and add sticky notes in bulk.

- Complete bulk tasks quickly, including content generation, mind map summarization, and mass sticky note creation.

- Generate diagrams quickly with Whimsical AI to visualize concepts, brainstorms, and web pages.

- Create user flows, processes, and sequence diagrams effortlessly using Flowchart AI.

- Brainstorm new ideas and summarize information effectively with Mind map AI.

AI tools for coding

Coding tools like GitHub use AI to automate code review, identify potential bugs, and suggest code improvements. By optimizing the coding process and promoting best practices, these tools can help developers write cleaner, more efficient code and collaborate more effectively on software projects.




GitHub is a web-based platform that allows software developers to collaborate on, store, and manage code. The GitHub Copilot is an AI coding assistant that helps developers analyze existing code.

Core AI functionality

- Write better code with built-in vulnerability prevention that blocks insecure coding patterns.

- Get real-time code completions and turn natural language descriptions into coding suggestions based on your project's context.

- Ask general programming questions or get specific suggestions about your codebase to solve problems and understand complex code.

- Get personalized code explanations and citations based on your organization's knowledge base.

- Let GitHub Copilot keep track of your changes and suggest descriptions, making it easier for reviewers to understand your code.

AI tools for presentations

Presentation tools like and Simplified use AI to automate the creation of stunning and professional-looking presentations. By providing easy-to-use templates, design suggestions, and real-time collaboration features, these tools can help businesses develop impactful presentations fast and with ease.



Overview is presentation software focused on empowering teams to create visually impressive and data-driven presentations with the help of AI.

Simplified is a single platform that can help users generate marketing content — from designing presentations to writing marketing copy and creating videos.

Core AI functionality

- Generate complete presentations with professional slides, content, charts, and images based on prompts, eliminating the need to start from scratch.

- Create custom AI-generated images from detailed text prompts, allowing you to specify style, tone, and mood for unique visual elements.

- Transform context-rich inputs like documents, PDFs, and web pages into cohesive presentations, ensuring relevance and accuracy in the final output.

- Generate complete presentation drafts in seconds by simply inputting your topic.

- Customize every aspect of your AI-generated slides, including fonts, colors, images, and sounds to align with your brand identity.

- Utilize AI-driven design suggestions to create polished slides effortlessly.

Bring AI automation tools to your organization

While many companies are still in the early stages of AI adoption, these tools provide a glimpse into AI's immense potential. Depending on the desired outcomes, businesses must carefully consider their approach to integrating AI into their operations. 

Additionally, understanding the investment in delivering your AI solutions is crucial — what goes into building one? What would the total investment look like to build one on your own versus purchasing a pre-build solution? This guide provides an essential overview of these considerations.

Want to see how Moveworks can automate and take the friction out of work? Join our live product tour.

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