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The Build vs. Buy Guide

How to invest in an AI copilot for your business

Build Vs Buy: How to invest in an AI copilot for your business

You're slammed with emails, meetings, and a million little tasks eating away at your day. Meanwhile, your team is drowning in repetitive queries and tedious processes. It's time for an AI copilot. Investing in an AI copilot isn't just about answering simple queries — it's about understanding your enterprise, automating workflows, and boosting productivity.


Creating an enterprise-grade AI copilot is challenging, and our concise guide is here to direct you to the right solution. You'll explore:

  • The evolution from conversational AI to AI copilots

  • First-hand insights into the challenges overcome in building the state-of-the-art Moveworks AI copilot

  • How to avoid AI investment pitfalls

  • The cost of an in-house build versus leveraging external AI expertise

  • Successful AI copilots in action

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