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The secret of the world's fastest finance teams? Automation with AI

Help your finance team make a bigger impact.

All day long, your team is fielding approval requests and policy questions, preventing them from focusing on meaningful work. Moveworks autonomously responds to routine issues, from vendor payment approvals to expense report submissions. That way, your finance team can focus on what matters most — the financial success of your company.

Respond to employees' requests in seconds.

No one likes to wait weeks, sometimes months, for their expense report to be approved and paid out. Employees feel frustrated with long wait times and finance teams are overrun with follow-up questions. Moveworks instantly resolves and routes employees’ requests, giving them the best — and fastest — support experience possible.

Give employees the information they need.

The financial future of your company depends on every employee playing their part. That means your employees need to know your organization's financial policies and how to take action next. Our AI answers your teams’ questions and clarifies your policies automatically — making it easy to keep everyone on the same page.


Of Medallia’s employees get help with Moveworks



Employee interactions with Moveworks bot at Palo Alto Networks



Instant answers provided to Seagen employees every month


Answer every finance question in seconds

Your team spends a huge amount of time creating policies, FAQs, and knowledge articles. Moveworks ingests all of these resources, becoming the expert on your organization. Our AI addresses a broad range of finance issues, including tax, commissions, reimbursements, ESPPs, invoicing, and more. And anytime you update your resources, Moveworks immediately learns the new information and surfaces it over chat.

  • Expense policies
  • Travel policies
  • Compensation questions

Stop making manual payments and approvals

Let your team focus on crunching the numbers, creating the policies, and crafting the financial future of your company — not the same, repetitive requests. Moveworks lets you automate routine actions, from approving expenses to invoicing vendors, leaving your team more time for work that impacts the organization.

  • Create invoices
  • Lookup purchase orders
  • Expense approvals

Empower your employees to take action

Make sure your employees always know what’s going on and what is needed from them. Whether they need to submit their monthly expense report or read the latest policy update, Moveworks proactively notifies the right employees with actionable communications. If your team has any follow-up questions, our bot handles the back-and-forth on your behalf.

  • Expense reminders
  • Announce policy updates

“We’re delighted with Moveworks! The bot delivered all the things we wanted, and we’re looking forward to expanding the bot’s use cases. We’ve started asking if we can transform other business processes in the same way that Moveworks has transformed IT support.”

Adonay Mello

Senior IT Manager, End User Automation, DocuSign

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