Transform your Finance team with AI

Save hours on manual processes

Minimize time spent reviewing and approving expense reports. Focus on advancing strategic priorities instead.

Effortlessly keep employees updated

Moveworks helps keep your employees up to date on any policy changes and upcoming deadlines that they need to be aware of.

Empower your employees to take charge of their open items

Employees use Moveworks to manage open action items — from submitting purchase requests to answering questions.


Update invoices in seconds

Keeping invoices up-to-date shouldn't be a hassle — you shouldn't have to juggle between different systems. With Moveworks, employees can update invoice details directly in chat.


Policy updates

Make it easy to keep groups informed on policy updates

Inform your employees of policy changes, upcoming deadlines, or other pending actions to keep compliance in check.


Vendor information

Surface the information you need right away

Employees can get all the information they need on vendors, purchase orders, and other finance-related items by asking the Moveworks Copilot directly in their chat platform.


Approve purchase requests

Make routine actions more efficient

Need to approve purchase requests for your team but don’t have time to go through a manual approval process? Ask Moveworks for all your pending approvals so you can act on them quickly and easily.


Bring AI transformation to your Finance teams

Provision management

Automate tasks in any business application just by using everyday language.
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Employee notifications

Keep every employee up to date with tailored in-chat notifications about critical updates — like policy changes or expense report reminders.
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Automated Workflows

Create custom conversational workflows to automate any task and find information across business apps.
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Connect to your everyday finance applications

Integrations for actions feature

57% of all issues are resolved autonomously at Hearst

Hearst needed to speed up employee support to stay competitive. Moveworks stepped up, delivering instant IT and finance support with AI.

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Learn how grounding AI with contextual awareness improves accuracy and automation.
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Build use cases for every department by connecting Moveworks to enterprise apps.
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Case Study

Palo Alto Networks used conversational AI to support its hybrid workforce at scale.
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Learn about the 4-tier framework to create an AI copilot strategy for your company.
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