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Scale your business without overwhelming your HR service desk

Scale your HR service desk efficiently.

Help HR empower your global workforce with AI that automatically solves hundreds of HR issues from day one — without any added work from your team.

Deliver personalized HR support, 24/7.

Give employees exactly what they need the moment they ask for it. Advanced machine learning delivers conversational support, tailored to employees’ locations, roles, and more.

Increase the value of existing HR resources.

Put your forms, knowledge articles, and FAQ pages to work. Moveworks’ AI surfaces the best possible resources by deeply integrating with HR systems, including Jira and Workday.


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HR demands personalization

HR support requires deep understanding and personalization. That’s why Moveworks for HR is built with layers of machine learning models. Our AI analyzes every request, and weighs every possible response in real time, from location and language preference to security permissions and role, to surface the best possible response for every request.

HR is complex — AI makes sense of it

HR issues are rarely as simple as a question and an answer. While Moveworks autonomously resolves 65% of HR issues, some situations will always require a help desk agent to step in and assist. Moveworks’ AI understands HR, meaning it knows exactly what your employees need when they ask for help — however they ask for it. When an issue needs to be routed to a specialist, Moveworks seamlessly hands them off to the right person.

Increase the ROI of existing HR systems

Employees aren’t thinking about complex support org structure when they have a question. They just want their questions answered and don’t want to search through multiple HR information systems their company might have. Moveworks for HR offers a single place for employees to get help across various departments and systems.

Service Now

We support over 1,000 team members across the globe with different needs and circumstances. Moveworks navigates this complexity for us, which means our people get the personal touch they expect from HR, but without having to wait. To create an incredible employee experience, you need the combination of HR and AI

Lainey Dailo

HR Operations Manager, Solidigm

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