Put the data buried in your business systems at your employees' fingertips

Drive impact

Enable better, faster business decisions with LLM-powered data lookups

Unlock your data

Make custom data sources searchable with API integrations and AI developer tools

Stay compliant

User-level copilot permissions ensure your employees only see the data they are authorized to

Prebuilt lookups

Answer your workforce's most common questions

Enrich your copilot with connectors that enable dozens of prebuilt lookups on day one. Check your PTO balance, locate a conference room, explore the org chart, and more. 


Custom lookups

Make any API searchable through natural language

Create new use cases in minutes with AI design tools that make your data lake, application, and system of record datasets searchable in the Moveworks Copilot.



Bring your data to life

Prebuilt lookups

Get started with prebuilt lookups for ITSM, ESM, HRIS, IdAM, ERP, and many other business systems.

Custom lookups

Add custom data sources through API integrations and generative AI developer tools.

Display cards

Control how employees see data with configurable display cards.


Distill multiple lookups into a single response with generative AI summaries.


LLM reasoning enables employees to perform calculations, comparisons, and more data analysis tasks.

Usage analytics

Discover the value of your data lookups, identify enhancements to existing data sources, and prioritize new data sources based on demand.

Turbocharge productivity across every department

Reduce L1 support

Look up employee information, conference rooms maps, VPN status, ticket owners, and more.
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Alleviate mundane HR tasks

Look up PTO balances, open office desks, internal job postings, calendar details, and more.
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Keep your finances in check

Look up purchase orders, reimbursement status, inventory details, and more.
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Make selling simple

Trigger notifications for deal updates, forecasting errors, new assets created, and more.
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Create clever marketing

Trigger notifications for budget approvals, campaign performance updates, changes to inventory levels, and more.
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Innovate faster

Look up on-call engineers, ticket statuses, product uptime details, and more.
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The generative copilot for work

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Connect to your everyday business applications

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Find files, KBAs, structured data, and more across all of your business apps and the public web.
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Provision management

Automate tasks in any business application just by using everyday language.
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Send automatic notifications based on events triggered by any system.
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