It's official: >70% of Jamf employees can't resist AI-powered support

Learn how Jamf uses Moveworks' AI copilot to provide instant, frictionless support to employees.


Jamf is the leader in Apple enterprise management, securing and managing over 31 million Apple devices for more than 73K organizations worldwide. With the world's largest community of Apple IT admins, Jamf extends the Apple experience that people love to businesses, schools, and government.

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Of employees actively use Moveworks to get help at work


Scaling support seamlessly as the employee base grows globally


Over 70% of employees use AI to self-service their own support, saving time for themselves and Jamf’s support teams

The Problem

Improving the employee experience with AI

As Jamf explored AI solutions, it became clear that rigid chatbots and simple workflows would not deliver the experience that employees expect in 2023. Every modern system was adding conversational interfaces, yet interacting with these digital systems remained full of friction.

Jamf realized that point solutions often fall short because they force employees into specific channels rather than meeting them where they already work. For example, Jamf employees didn't want to call the IT help desk — they preferred leveraging existing tools like Slack or Teams to get support.

This raised a key question: How could Jamf use AI to operate more efficiently, meet employees in their existing workflows, and transform the employee experience while reducing manual effort across the organization?

Moveworks provided the answer.

The Solution

Moveworks supercharges support directly in Slack

Moveworks answered Jamf's need for an AI solution with a flexible, powerful enterprise copilot.

Internal resources are often a maze and employees rarely enjoy scouring FAQs. At the same time, user expectations and abilities have evolved rapidly. Despite having ample resources, Jamf recognized the need to relay information more effectively while incorporating delightful, user-friendly experiences.

With Moveworks' AI, Jamf could address the universal challenge of creating engaging user experiences while streamlining support. Moveworks provided a conversational copilot, internally called Caspernicus, to navigate backend systems and improve outcomes for both end users and support teams.

By improving user experience with an enterprise-wide copilot, Jamf could drive better adoption, provide tailored solutions, and ensure internal resources are fully leveraged. As expectations grew for automation, Moveworks enabled a transition from traditional IT practices to exceptional support across functions like HR, legal, and facilities.

But what makes Moveworks' AI so compelling? It comes down to large language models (LLMs). Moveworks rapidly incorporates the newest LLMs which have more knowledge, better conversational ability, and greater accuracy than previous generations. This cutting edge AI is fine-tuned to Jamf's specific language, logic, workflows and data through deep integrations.

Jamf found Moveworks provides tangible business value by optimizing for outcomes rather than just output. The copilot delivers results without overextending Jamf's team resources.

Jamf with Moveworks chat screen

We experienced an impressive adoption rate of 30% within the first month, which is a testament to our employees’ appetite for increased interaction. The numbers were truly astounding, and we attribute this success to meeting our users where they are and providing a service that they needed.

Melissa Dunham

Senior Director of IT Support and Experience, Jamf

The Result

Making the basics brilliant drives adoption

With the AI copilot, employee requests that once took days or weeks now get answered instantly. Software is immediately provisioned without approvals. Forgotten passwords can be reset in seconds.

Onboarding and offboarding are accelerated too. Approvals are automated to proper authorities and fulfilled swiftly. There's no more searching catalogs or puzzling through convoluted knowledge articles.

Caspernicus simply provides the right answers at the moment of need. This ease of use has made it the tool of choice for employees.

By meeting Jamf employees directly in existing workflows, Caspernicus earns organic adoption. It efficiently routes issues through Slack without disrupting how people work. And the copilot's seamless experiences build enthusiasm and word-of-mouth traction.

Since the copilot’s launch, the vast majority of Jamf employees have actively used Caspernicus to get help at work. This is just the start of a larger frictionless support transformation.


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