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What is Moveworks?

Moveworks is a conversational AI platform that solves issues and prevents problems at work. Our platform lets you deliver the best support experience possible, at a fraction of the cost. It automatically resolves requests, communicates changes, and shows your team what to fix next — so every employee gets the help they need in seconds. And because our AI is fluent in over 100 languages, Moveworks delivers instant help around the world, from HQ to the home office.

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The Moveworks Platform

Our platform uses advanced conversational AI in three powerful ways. First, it understands exactly what employees need, no matter how they ask. Next, it handles the natural flow of conversation without following a script. Finally, it integrates with your entire tech stack meaning it delivers the most relevant solution — automatically, with zero maintenance from your team.

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Solve IT Issues in seconds

Transform employee support by automatically solving any IT issue with conversational AI.

  • Instantly provision software & unlock accounts
  • Search your entire knowledge base with ease
  • Speed up approvals with in-chat notifications
  • Route complex issues to the right agent in seconds
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Deliver HR help. Automatically.

On day one, Moveworks solves hundreds of HR issues — without any added work from your team.

  • Look up PTO balance and request time off in chat
  • Provide instant answers for every HR question
  • Give new hires everything they need to succeed on day one
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Send messages that drive action

Important messages shouldn’t get lost in the inbox. Moveworks lets you send targeted, interactive communications to your team, keeping everyone on the same page about:

  • Software migrations
  • Security policy updates
  • Open enrollment
  • Training reminders
  • Outages

Make change happen in real time

Prioritize high-impact automation projects

Moveworks analyzes the unstructured language in every support ticket, allowing you to:

  • Find the most common issues affecting your team
  • Track the performance of every investment
  • Strategically apply automation to improve the employee experience
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