The AI copilot that automates employee support

Empower your workforce to find answers, automate tasks, and create content across all your business systems with generative AI

Moveworks powers the world’s most innovative companies


The AI copilot that takes the friction out of work

Moveworks is the fastest way to put AI in the hands of your global workforce. Solve support tickets, search content, and automate workflows across your business systems in 100+ languages — all from your enterprise chat.








Automate IT support

Provision software, update distribution lists, reset passwords, and search knowledge to troubleshoot issues.
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AI-powered employee experience

Book time off, understand benefits & payroll policies, and send employee-wide communications.
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Conversationalize finance workflows

Submit purchase orders, understand T&E policies, make 401k elections, and lookup accounting data.

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Search GTM tools in chat

Update opportunity information, lookup account data, and approve deal discounts.
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Make content discoverable

Find brand guidelines, create copy grounded in product messaging, and receive important marketing updates.
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Automate DevOps workflows

Update engineering tasks, automatically provision cloud storage credentials, lookup the on-call engineer, and find status of build environment.

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Powerful copilot capabilities that extend to every business application

Copilot interface

Give employees a single support hub that translates messages, generates summaries, and cites sources.
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Task automation

Let employees automate tasks across any system — from updating security groups to booking PTO.
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Enterprise search

Empower your workforce to search for knowledge, files, and data across all your business applications.
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Limitless integrations

Bring generative AI to the tools your teams use everyday.

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Trusted by the best

Moveworks transforms how work gets done for over 5 million employees at 300+ companies.

I have three priorities when it comes to supporting our workforce: enable the IT team to focus on high-value tasks, put intelligence in their hands to make better decisions, and deliver the best support experience to employees. Moveworks is unique in that it helps us achieve all three.


Milind Wagle

CIO, Equinix

The ROI of Moveworks is clear. We’ve saved hours and hours of time, decreased resolution times, improved productivity, and received considerable positive feedback from employees. With AI, we have a solution that truly removes bottlenecks.


Andrew Leach

Continuous Service Improvement Manager, Hearst

Employees are frustrated when they have to navigate portals and dashboards. Moveworks finds things for them, rather than making them learn to search menus. We’re unlocking productivity with AI.


Mark Tonnesen

CIO, Achieve

We spent five years trying to enable employees to self-service support, but without much traction. Moveworks is the first solution that actually worked, allowing employees to focus on things that matter — caring for patients.


Amith Nair

CIO, Vituity

We support over 1,000 team members worldwide with different needs and circumstances. Moveworks navigates this complexity for us, so our people get the personal touch they expect from HR, but without the wait. To create an incredible employee experience, you need the combination of HR and AI.


Lainey Paddock

HR Operations Manager, Solidigm

This is a watershed moment for employee experience. For decades, work has been done in basically the same way. But now with Moveworks, AI gives us the opportunity to get ahead of problems, make changes practically overnight, and see impact as it happens.


Alok Singh

Director of IT Automation and Collaboration, Albemarle

The Moveworks platform

Our secure, conversational interface is powered by a fleet of large language models, AI-powered analytics to measure performance, and developer tools to customize use cases.

Developer tools

Customize use cases in your copilot with a generative developer experience.
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Powerful & adaptable AI

Moveworks leverages a combination LLMs, all trained on workplace interactions.
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Trust & security

Trust that Moveworks is handling your data and information to the highest quality standard.
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Forbes included Moveworks in its list of top private companies in the world.
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Analyst Report

A commissioned Forrester report breaks down the ROI of Moveworks across verticals.
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2023 proved to be a breakthrough year for AI. How can IT leaders ride the wave?
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