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Hearst needed fast support to stay on top. Moveworks delivered.



Of support issues resolved autonomously

At Hearst, we don’t stand still. AI helps us
move forward and meet even our most ambitious plans without overextending our resources.
With Moveworks, we’re well prepared to meet
the future.
David Kaczerski, Global ServiceDesk Director, Hearst

Hearst has been on the media frontlines since 1887

135 years ago, William Randolph Hearst launched what’s now one of the biggest global, diversified information, services, and media companies in the world.

Today, the breadth of activity within the modern Hearst corporation is unparalleled. The landmark diversified information, services, and media company is responsible for managing a unique portfolio of businesses across 40 countries.

For David Kaczerski, director of Hearst’s Global ServiceDesk, the top priority is ensuring that everyone has what they need to do their job the moment they need it. But, he understands that, like many support departments, he doesn’t have unlimited resources.

Hearst says hello to Herbie

In June 2020, Hearst launched its Moveworks bot, Herbie. Moveworks is an AI platform that can quickly resolve employee problems. When an employee spills water on their keyboard or doesn’t know how to properly submit an expense report, they can reach out to Herbie on either Microsoft Teams or Slack and get the help they need 24/7.

Today, Herbie resolves 57% of all employee support requests in minutes. The result is that over 1,200 employee questions per month are answered instantly, saving the company tens of thousands of hours of productivity.


  • Supporting a global workforce by
    optimizing IT and financial resources
  • A complex support environment with
    multiple businesses and systems
    challenging a smooth user experience


  • Used AI to resolve 57% of support
    issues autonomously
  • Simplified support process by optimizing productivity and improving user experience


Avatar_Hearst_Herbie Herbie



Accounts unlocked per month


Articles served per month


Forms filled per month


Herbie goes beyond IT

Hearst’s IT team was initially drawn to Moveworks because of the company’s deep focus on understanding IT-specific jargon and terminology. But because a global business such as Hearst has to deal with a lot of complexity, other teams — such as Finance — have also started using the Moveworks bot.

Herbie doesn’t need training, admin, or manual scripting. Instead, the bot evolves with Hearst’s support ecosystem, automatically handling hundreds of changing use cases and improving over time.

Second, Herbie aggregates data across disconnected back-end systems, personalizing support to a user’s location, permissions, role, and more. This means, for example, that the bot knows that an employee living in New York should see the printing guide specific to New York versus another location.

Hearst meets the future head-on

For Hearst, success is all about adaptation. Hearst continues to thrive because it has adapted to the ever-changing landscape of the media industry. One of the company’s greatest strengths is that it still has a startup mentality. Innovative approaches to old problems are welcomed, not spurned.

Embracing this mindset Kaczerski and his team were inspired to look out of the box when it came to reinventing the company’s IT experience. Investing in tools like Moveworks has allowed Hearst to not only meet the needs of its core audience, but also transform its internal processes to meet the needs of the 2020s.

“Whatever the world throws at us next,” Kaczerski said, “we’ll be able to take it on.”

The ROI of Moveworks is clear. We’ve saved hours and hours of time, decreased resolution times, improved productivity, and received considerable positive feedback from employees. With Herbie, we have a solution that removes bottlenecks. Andrew Leach, Continuous Service Improvement Manager, Hearst

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