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Moveworks Launches "Channel Resolver" to Accelerate Resolution of Employee IT Issues

February 13, 2020 6:00 AM

New AI and Natural Language Understanding solution identifies IT support issues in any channel within the Slack collaboration hub, and resolves them automatically

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Feb. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Moveworks today announced the launch of "Channel Resolver." Using the latest in natural language understanding (NLU) technology, the new solution monitors public channels in enterprise collaboration solutions such as Slack, identifies any employee issues or requests by analyzing complex language patterns, and then triggers a resolution autonomously. This new capability was developed with input from Slack, and it's already live at several Moveworks customers.

Founded in 2016 by artificial intelligence experts from Facebook, Google, and Stanford University, Moveworks uses cutting-edge AI to resolve employee support issues autonomously. Existing capabilities enabled the conversational AI to engage with employees through direct messages, respond to issues submitted via email, and proactively offer assistance to employees based on system alerts. The new Channel Resolver now allows Moveworks to identify more opportunities to help employees based on posts in public Slack channels.

"Enterprise chat has become central to enterprise communication, and public channels in platforms like Slack enable support teams to provide more transparency and collaboration around support activities. But conversational AI and NLU powered bots have struggled to cope with the complexity of channels, focusing instead on direct messages as the preferred communication method," said Bhavin Shah, CEO and co-founder, Moveworks. "This is because chat channels are longer, more complex, and more noisy. Many IT teams also develop unique interaction methods in channels; for example, using emoticons as a way to signal that a request is being 'watched' or has been 'resolved.' To deal with this complexity, our team had to evolve our natural language understanding capabilities for these group social settings and interactions models. The result is Channel Resolver, which enables the Moveworks bot to step in, provide help when it can, and communicate in a channel the same way a support agent would."

With the increased popularity of chat platforms, it is a common practice at companies to ask users to submit their IT issues in a shared channel, where agents monitor the incoming messages and respond within threads. This practice allows the channel to serve as a "queue" from which agents can pick up new IT issues, and allows the sharing of answers to IT issues among employees. In theory, this prevents agents from having to answer repetitive questions, as users can "self-serve" from answers available within the channel before asking a new question. But the reality is that service desk agents answer many of the same questions over and over again, and it still requires significant effort to review and answer issues.

Channel Resolver enhances Moveworks' ability to provide autonomous IT support across all available IT support channels. Today's launch of Channel Resolver provides greater access to an organization's IT Help Desk without having to implement a labor-intensive, process-heavy system to manage and monitor all the available support channels. In addition to Channel Resolver, the Moveworks AI platform already allows IT users to autonomously resolve IT issues by using the following:

  • Conversation Resolver: allows end users to engage with the Moveworks bot in a Direct Message within the chat environment for instant resolution.
  • Ticket Resolver: allows end users to seek help by emailing IT or submitting tickets through the Self Service Portal. The Moveworks platform will read incoming tickets and proactively reach out to users in a direct message for instant resolution, where appropriate.
  • Event Resolver: The Moveworks platform monitors for key events within customers enterprise systems and proactively contacts users in a direct message when a specific event or trigger is identified, instantly resolving or mitigating potential IT issues.


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