The Wonderful Company's radical digital transformation journey with AI

Meet Wond-E, the Moveworks Copilot transforming IT support at the Wonderful Company.


With revenues of over $4 billion, The Wonderful Company produces high-quality consumer goods, including healthful foods and beverages, that are crafted with innovation and sustainability at their core.

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Of employees ask Moveworks first when they have an IT-related question


Implementing a solution capable of eliminating repetitive tasks


IT support staff time was significantly freed up by AI, leading to more opportunities to work on high-value projects

The Problem

Streamlining support with AI

In 2022, The Wonderful Company faced a critical challenge — how to maintain its competitive edge without over-extending its resources. 

The company's success was predicated not only on making its iconic brands like POM Wonderful and Wonderful Pistachios shine on grocery store shelves but also on supporting the people behind these products. 

Wonderful recognized that in order to succeed, it needed to build a resilient digital workforce through cross-functional collaboration to increase employee engagement.

With that in mind, Brenton Brown, Director of IT Operations, and Jeff Czischke, Head of Intelligent Automation Strategy, explored several potential solutions and realized that automation was the answer. By leveraging AI, Wonderful employees could focus on more fulfilling work, reducing the burden of tedious and repetitive tasks.

The Solution

The Wonderful Company welcomes Wond-E

Wonderful's new generative AI copilot, named Wond-E, has changed IT support for employees for the better. The Moveworks Copilot engages one-on-one, surfacing solutions in seconds and automating every step of the IT support process. 

More importantly, Wond-E is not a rules-based chatbot. Its sophisticated AI foundation is built to understand the language of work. So, instead of providing a one-size-fits-all solution, Wond-E engages with employees individually, tailoring solutions to each employee’s unique needs.

As a result of the powerful language model that drives the Moveworks Reasoning Engine, Wond-E quickly analyzes employee requests, maps them to solutions across the company’s entire digital infrastructure, and delivers relevant snippets of information.

Autodesk with Moveworks chat screen

Automation, digital platforms, and other innovations are rapidly changing the fundamental nature of work. In partnership with Moveworks, The Wonderful Company is optimizing its operations and empowering its workforce to work smarter and faster to support digital transformation.

Dennis Paulsen

Vice President of IT, The Wonderful Company

The Result

AI brings further opportunities for The Wonderful Company

Wonderful's longstanding commitment to embrace digital transformation and AI sets the company up for success now, and in the months and years ahead. Without a doubt, Moveworks has already helped Wonderful drive digital transformation forward by providing key insights into employee needs and preferences. As a result, Wonderful is currently building on this success and seeks to expand Wond-E’s capabilities to become the new Intranet – a single entry point for all employee needs, including HR and IT services.

As Wonderful continues to evolve and adapt to changing external factors, digital transformation will remain a key part of its culture and strategy. The goal is to create a blueprint for the future – to continually innovate, implement digital technology wherever it makes sense, and free up employees’ time so that they can focus on high-value work. Given Wond-E’s continued development and adoption, Wonderful is well-positioned for future success.

Autodesk Moveworks avatar

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