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Seagen reduced costs by more than $1 million per year with Moveworks


Reduction in annual IT spend thanks to Moveworks at Seagen

The Moveworks Platform

Our platform uses purpose-built machine learning to make you ridiculously productive. With Moveworks, employees solve their own issues, admins drive change like magic, developers unlock unlimited ideas, and you know exactly what problems to fix next.

Chat Bot
Control Studio
Analytics Studio
API Studio
IT HR Finance Enterprise

Security groups Account permissions
Distribution lists PTO & timesheets
Device actions Forms automation

Search knowledge
Query information

Speed-up approvals Route tickets
Handoff to agent Check status

Understand ROI & impact Send actionable comms
Identify improvement areas Kickoff custom notifications
Transform policies & initiatives Update configurations

Language Core Semantic Match
Dynamic Flow Enterprise Cache
Action Bid

Conversations Resources
Actions Queries

Message API Analytics
Webhooks Token Management


Moveworks is more than an AI chatbot that helps employees. Our platform includes unique interfaces for help desk agents, knowledge writers, admins, developers, and senior leaders — so everyone can play their part in building your perfect workplace.


Employees get the help they need, simply by having a conversation. Moveworks chatbots are available wherever employees look for support, from web portals to email systems to collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Plus, resolvers get their own dedicated chatbot that updates work notes, provides recommendations, and automatically triages their tickets.

Control Studio

Admins get total authority over their Moveworks deployment, enabling them to control user access, permissions, and more. They can also dive deep into the details, such as monitoring the latest forms and articles ingested by our Enterprise Cache™.

Analytics Studio

Leaders get unprecedented visibility over the health of their entire support process. Moveworks analyzes thousands of requests from employees to present a simple, actionable to-do list, so leaders can identify critical issues, prioritize their projects, and invest in the right technologies.

API Studio

Developers and creators can build any use case imaginable on top of Moveworks, such as sending messages to specific employees based on system events, or creating better knowledge articles based on real-time recommendations. Every use case is backed by the full power of the platform, meaning you don't need to be an AI expert.

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Moveworks experiences are multilingual capabilities that stretch across every department and user interface. Whether it’s searching company knowledge, editing email groups, or sending approval requests, our platform turns frustrating interactions into moments of magic.

Automate tasks

Find resources

Accelerate processes

Drive change

Automate tasks

Facilitate any action in a backend system with natural language — like adding someone to a security group or updating a timesheet. Control which employees have access.

Find resources

Search across your entire company’s resources for personalized answers — like knowledge articles, forms, fields from systems of record, and more. Turn usage data into better resources.

Accelerate processes

Route complex issues that can’t be autonomously resolved to the correct assignment group or live agent. Streamline approvals with in-chat notifications and custom approval chains.

Drive change


Send targeted communications to any subset of employees, get actionable insights to improve your support environment, and constantly get more value from Moveworks.


Moveworks Intelligence Engine

Our Intelligence Engine is the deep AI technology that powers Moveworks under the hood. It combines natural language understanding (NLU), conversational AI, a unique probabilistic bidding system, and countless other techniques.


Our connectors are deep integrations across ITSM, IDAM, HRIS, ERP, and facilities systems of record — in addition to collaboration platforms, knowledge bases, email groups, workflow automation tools, and RPA systems.


Our APIs enable read-write access between any system and Moveworks to prevent problems in advance, like notifying employees of upcoming system maintenance before it’s too late.

Watch Moveworks make issues disappear

“We’ve seen how fast the Moveworks platform evolves firsthand. I don’t have to teach the Moveworks bot anything, I don’t have to do any scripting, and I don’t need a team of people to create dialogue flows. It’s true plug-and-play machine learning.”

Stanley Toh

Head of End-User Services & Experience, Broadcom

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