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AI Copilot

The enterprise copilot platform

Your enterprise copilot integrates with every business system, which means it can support any use case across any department. Whether your employees need help resetting a password, requesting PTO, or submitting an expense — they can do it all in chat.


Out-of-the-box applications and developer tools

Moveworks provides a suite of products that improve the capabilities of enterprise copilots, consisting of hundreds of out-of-the-box use cases, configurability of those use cases, and developer tools to create completely new use cases.

Moveworks for IT

Power your copilot with a set of out-of-the-box capabilities to turbocharge IT support for your employees — like software provisioning, account unlocks, knowledge search, accelerating approvals, and more.

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Moveworks for HR

Deploy your copilot with a set of out-of-the-box capabilities to make HR support effortless for your employees — from PTO balance lookups and knowledge search to manager lookups and accelerated approvals.

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Enterprise Search

Enable your copilot with out-of-the-box capabilities to search for any piece of information or file spread across your business. Your copilot comes with 20+ prebuilt knowledge connectors and 100+ public website connectors. Rich analytics help see where your knowledge gaps are.

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Employee Experience Insights

Uncover hidden insights from the unstructured data inside your support tickets. Using this information, you'll be able to prioritize automation initiatives and investment opportunities to deliver the best experience for every employee.

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Creator Studio

Empower your developers and service owners to build enterprise-wide conversational AI use cases limited only by their imagination. Create custom and controlled conversation paths, enable the ability to lookup structured data from systems of record, and send targeted notifications based on system events.

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Employee Communications

Drive change with actionable, targeted messages. Whether it’s a company-wide announcement or a system outage, reach your employees in the channel they spend the most time in — chat. Powerful post-campaign analytics let you understand and improve the performance of each message you send.

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LLM stack

Get instant access to best-in-class large language models, trained on 6 years of data, millions of annotated conversations, and adapted to your company-specific data.

Natural language analytics

Understand your conversation health. Know where you’re getting the highest ROI, which employees are asking for what, where the gaps are, and how to improve.

Platform services

Meet the core components powering our enterprise copilot platform, including pre-built connectors, real-time ingestion, adherence to permissions, and certifications for the biggest security standards.

“We’ve seen how fast the Moveworks platform evolves firsthand. I don’t have to teach the Moveworks bot anything, I don’t have to do any scripting, and I don’t need a team of people to create dialogue flows. It’s true plug-and-play machine learning.”

Stanley Toh

Head of End-User Services & Experience, Broadcom

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