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Resolve employee issues faster than ever before.

By using advanced natural language understanding, Concierge can converse directly with employees, eliminating the need for help desk agents to intervene. This can reduce the time it takes to resolve issues, improving productivity and reducing frustration.

Grant your users unparalleled visibility into their requests.

Concierge provides both employees and service desks with unprecedented visibility into support issues. Employees can see the status of their requests in real time, and service desks can track progress and prioritize the most important requests.

Make losing requests a thing of the past.

By intelligently managing thousands of interactions, Concierge ensures that nothing gets lost in the shuffle. This can improve the efficiency of employee support and help reduce the workload on support teams.


Concierge allows for significant interactivity, providing an automated middle-man between your users and agents.

Ticket Notifications

Creating & Filing Tickets

Viewing Tickets

Ticket Comments

Closing Tickets

Reopening Tickets

Multi-domain Concierge

Ticket Notifications

Users will automatically receive a ticket notification if an agent adds a comment, there is a significant status change, or a specific amount of time has passed with no change to the ticket.

Creating & Filing Tickets

If an issue is not resolved automatically, users have the ability to file a ticket in-chat, creating a ticket at the back-end of your ITSM system for your agents.

Viewing Tickets

Users may check on the status of all their tickets anytime or a specific ticket, simply by asking in-chat.

Adding Comments to Tickets

Users may add comments in response to agent questions, directly in-chat.

Closing Tickets

When a user wishes to close a ticket, they may do so. As a result of this, Moveworks marks the ticket as resolved.

Reopening Tickets

When a user wishes to reopen a ticket, they may also do so. As a result of this, Moveworks will update the status of the ticket back to new.

Multi-Domain Concierge

Based on the nature of the user’s issue, Moveworks will predict what type of ticket needs to be created. Users can also correct the domain manually if necessary.

One of the things that I use AppDynoBot for, quite frequently, is just inquiring on the status of my open tickets, and that’s something any employee can do, instantly.

Russ Harris

VP operations

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