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Work smarter with next-gen automation

Create intelligent, automated conversations that trigger actions in external business systems. Your employees won’t need to perform the same repetitive, manual tasks every day or spend time searching for the right knowledge article.

Send an expert, every time

Your best employees learn how to do their job from observing their peers. Train your Moveworks bot the same way — just provide it with sample conversations. Using expert emulation, it will automatically learn how to handle hundreds of issues.

Understand exactly what users need

Traditional bot toolkits struggle to figure out exactly what your user mean while you tune hyper-parameters and change NLU settings. Instead, Moveworks chains together multiple LLMs to understand intent — no manual tweaking necessary.

Generate workflows with ease

Powered by multiple language models, like GPT-3.5, our platform automatically generates new conversation flows based on no more than a few examples. Now, you can create new workflows as quickly as you can think of them.

The possibilities are endless

Streamline onboarding

Troubleshoot network issues

Set an OOO message

New hires will never miss a step in the onboarding process.

Make sure you new hires don’t have to search around for required tax forms and important policies.

Let your users self-service network issues.

Guide employees through a series of questions and tests to diagnose and resolve common network connection issues without involving the helpdesk.


Going out of office shouldn’t be stressful.

Whether you’re leaving for vacation or taking a sick day, Paths lets you set your OOO message directly from chat.

“Creator Studio directly integrates with data sources like Snowflake, demonstrating a new way of approaching conversational AI development that is more accurate, has fewer points of failure, and lower latency.”

Rory Regan

Director of Infrastructure, Coca-Cola Consolidated

Connect Moveworks to any enterprise system

Connect Moveworks to any enterprise system


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Creator Studio connects people to enterprise systems through natural language.

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