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Maximize engagement for your announcements.

Employee Communications lets you personalize each message using parameters like employee location, department, employment status, and more. This empowers you to send information uniquely relevant to each employee, increasing engagement.

Prevent issues from reaching your service desk.

Moveworks’ AI knows and understands every one of your knowledge base articles, FAQs, and troubleshooting docs. So, when employees follow up on internal communication messages with questions, Moveworks serves up the correct answers on your behalf — automatically.

Drive immediate action from your workforce.

Moveworks ensures that employees know exactly what to do next and can easily take action. Registering for events, reading the latest remote work policy, or completing employee surveys can be all done directly within your enterprise messaging app.

See just some of what you can do with Employee Communications

  • Software migrations
  • Security policy & updates
  • IT policy & updates
  • License management
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Outage reporting
  • General announcements
  • HR & finance announcements


There are endless features for your team to explore in Employee Communications. Here are some of our favorites:

Audience Builder

Notification Control

Multi-language Support




Target exactly the right employees, every time

Campaigns can be targeted by department, location, and other user metadata. Employee Communications even gives real-time feedback about your selected audience before you hit send.

Let employees customize notifications

Employees can allow all notifications, mute for seven days, or opt out of all general notifications. Admins always have the ability to override user preferences for critical communications.

Seamlessly handle communication in over 100 languages

Moveworks can dynamically understand any language on-the-fly, ingest non-English articles and serve up the right snippet in responses, and back-translate tickets to English for system compliance.

Plan and schedule internal communications

Send messages immediately or schedule them for a later day or time. This ensures that messages reach employees at just the right moment, even if your employees are globally distributed.

Proactively nudge employees to complete actions

Based on your objective, Moveworks suggests scheduling reminders to further improve employee engagement. These messages are only sent to non-engaged users, and you can edit, schedule, or cancel reminders after publishing any campaign.

Optimize your employee engagement

Keep track of delivery metrics, CTA, and engagement data in one place. Track trends over time to optimize campaigns and replicate successes.

Moveworks is a much more personable way of communicating than emails. It’s like a real-time conversation: the bot answers follow-up questions and points people in the right direction.

Rebecca Burgess

Director of Digital Adoption and Enablement

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