Broadcom takes on new challenges and new employees, helped by a new AI solution

Broadcom Case Study
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“I’ve always believed that machine learning could automate IT support, but Moveworks is the first company to really make it happen.”
Andy Nallappan, CIO, Broadcom
of IT support issues are resolved autonomously by Moveworks

of employees have interacted with the Moveworks bot

80% of issues resolved by Moveworks are closed in 60 seconds or less.

An industry giant with a lean IT team

Accommodating growth, easily

Their chips may be small, but everything else about Broadcom is big. As a $20 billion company with about 15,000 employees worldwide, Broadcom puts big demands on its lean IT team.

As an organization that grows both organically and via large acquisitions, Broadcom needs to be able to onboard new employees quickly without growing its IT team.

Meeting massive onboarding challenges 

Automation is essential

Andy Nallappan, Vice President and CIO at Broadcom, has seen his company undergo incredible growth, and the recent CA acquisition took this challenge to another level. He recognized automation would be essential in his effort to onboard CA's employees quickly and well. “That’s where Moveworks came into play,” Nallappan said. “We needed a technology to assist us in better integrating our new worldwide workforce so that they could be productive on Day 1.”

“You don’t have to have a huge team to implement it or worry about a long learning curve. It’s all implemented by Moveworks, and it’s done quickly and easily.”
Andy Nallappan, CIO of Broadcom

On the journey to AI-powered resolution

A few years ago, Broadcom set out a vision to improve the helpdesk experience for its employees, save time, and reduce the volume of work by automating tasks with AI. “This was our dream.” said Toh. “But with Moveworks it’s not a dream anymore, it’s reality.” In a matter of weeks Broadcom went from signing contracts to rolling out the Moveworks platform to all of its employees. Employees were instantly able to chat with the Moveworks bot in Google Hangouts Chat to resolve a variety of issues like resetting passwords, unlocking accounts, creating tickets, checking ticket status, and finding answers from knowledge base articles. All of these were previously handled by an outsourced helpdesk. Says Nallappan, “We still have more to accomplish but we are finally on the journey, and that’s exciting.”

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