Medallia Finds Success and Satisfaction with Moveworks on Slack

Medallia Case Study
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"The Medallia AI agent, powered by Moveworks, provides our employees a spectacular employee experience 24/7. Today, this AI is addressing a third of our service tickets with an average resolution time of less than five minutes and with an NPS equivalent to a human agent."
Ashwin Ballal, Chief Information Officer, Medallia
of IT tickets resolved automously

drop in average resolution time


of employees said Jarvis positively impacted their relationship with IT

In the business of improving customer experience

As an organization focused on measuring customer satisfaction, Medallia’s leadership also strives for a high level of satisfaction among its own employees. Medallia CIO Ashwin Ballal sees machine learning as a key enabler for delivering this. He says, “We’re pioneering a new model for employee experience, powered by AI.” He adds, “For the first time, we’re at a point where we can apply machine learning that’s good enough to resolve entire categories of work and—at the same time—improve the quality of employees’ interactions with IT.”

A chatbot that resolves employees’ issues instantly

For Jillian Middleton, IT architecture and engineering manager at Medallia, providing 24/7 support is a challenge, given her small team: ’It’s not feasible to have human staffing around the clock with an IT department the size of ours.” To address this, Middleton and her team at Medallia deployed Jarvis, a chatbot in Slack that resolves employees’ issues instantly. “We needed a more efficient way to resolve these common tasks and to answer questions for employees so that we could free up our IT staff to work on more challenging problems.”

Measurable Results

Almost 80% of Medallia’s employees have directly interacted with the Jarvis chatbot, and up to 95% have reaped the benefits through autonomously resolved or accelerated IT tickets. In the latest survey, overall satisfaction with Jarvis was rated at 9 out of a possible 10, ranking Jarvis as one of the highest performing agents on the IT team. Ninety percent of surveyed employees report that Jarvis has positively impacted their relationship with IT. Within a few weeks of deploying Moveworks, Medallia’s IT personnel saw a 34% drop in average ticket resolution time.

“It’s not exactly like talking to a human, but it’s pretty darn close. We didn’t do any training; people figured it out. You talk to the bot, and it gets right to work for you.”
Jillian Middleton, Corporate IT Architecture & Engineering Team Lead, Medallia

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