95% of Medallia turns to their copilot when they need help

To free up its IT team, Medallia invested in a copilot that puts employee engagement first — by using generative AI.


Medallia is the pioneer in Experience Management. It’s a global market leader that leverages AI to understand, measure, and improve corporate experiences — for both customers and employees.

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Of Medallia’s employees use a copilot to get IT help


Freeing up the IT team to focus on digital transformation projects


Automated IT issue resolution to buy back time for the IT team

The Problem

Medallia needed a way to automate common issues and free up IT staff

Founded in 2001, Medallia is a global market leader that leverages AI to understand, measure, and improve corporate experiences — for both customers and employees. As a result, the company also prioritizes fast and frictionless end user journeys for its internal processes, including the IT support experience.

To provide rapid tech support to its workforce, Medallia’s IT team investigated machine learning and AI solutions, attempting to use a chatbot to engage employees and automatically resolve their support issues in real time. 

This automated approach offered another benefit for a fast-growing company like Medallia: the ability to support more employees without additional IT resources. This way IT teams could focus more on challenging problems, not busy work. With this in mind, Medallia sought a partner who had deep expertise in enterprise IT. That’s where Moveworks came in.

The Solution

95% of Medallia’s workforce self-services IT support in seconds

In March 2018, Medallia deployed Jarvis — the company’s in-house name for the Moveworks platform — and never looked back. Immediately after the chatbot’s implementation was complete, Medallia employees could engage with Jarvis conversationally on Slack to instantly self-service their tech issues, from unlocking accounts to resetting MFA tokens to accessing new software

“We didn’t do any training for Moveworks; our people figured it out,” said Jillian Middleton, Corporate IT Architecture & Engineering Team Lead at Medallia.” You talk to the bot, and it gets right to work for you.”

Problems that once took several days to fix manually suddenly were resolved in just seconds — fundamentally transforming the experience for both employees and the IT team.

Medallia with Moveworks chat screen

We’re pioneering a new model for employee experience, powered by AI. Our partnership with Moveworks has enabled us to deliver a level of automation that many people don’t realize is possible.

Ashwin Ballal


The Result

With a copilot that engages employees, IT has time to transform the employee experience.

Moveworks has not only made life easier for Medallia’s general workforce, but has also improved the IT team’s outlook. “With any support organization, especially IT, where you’re answering the same questions over and over, you worry about burnout and employee turnover,” Middleton said. 

Ultimately, IT’s satisfaction with Jarvis is part of a greater success story. In Moveworks, the company has found a partner committed to exactly that goal. “Our company helps our customers — and their customers — be better,” Middleton said. “Implementing Moveworks was our way to make IT better for everyone we work with and work for.”

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