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By connecting all of your business data through REST APIs, Moveworks enables your users to search for and find structured data from any external business systems through their bot.

Adapt to changing business systems

Our platform generates intents and query patterns based on the underlying schema of your records, ensuring that your users always have access to the latest business-critical data.

AI-powered multilingual support

With Moveworks, all of your queries are immediately available in 100+ languages. That means you can build in English and your records will be searchable and presentable in any language.

Understand every query, every time

Using langage pattern generation, generalization, and robustness powered by GPT-3.5, Moveworks understands every utterance, no matter how your users ask.

The possibilities are endless

Retrieve account data

Analyze campaign results

Find interview schedules

Make it easy for your users to find customer information.

Retrieve customer account data directly from chat, so your team has all the information they need to create a winning sales strategy.

Understand the performance of your campaigns.

Let your employees quickly check the performance of their campaigns, like click-through rate, impressions, and post engagement.

Set your interviewers and candidates up for success.

Allow employees to view their upcoming interview schedules and look up details such as the role, date, time, and location.

“Creator Studio directly integrates with data sources like Snowflake, demonstrating a new way of approaching conversational AI development that is more accurate, has fewer points of failure, and lower latency.”

Rory Regan

Director of Infrastructure, Coca-Cola Consolidated

Connect Moveworks to any enterprise system

Connect Moveworks to any enterprise system

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