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Provide a frictionless experience for your users.

Don’t let slow and frustrating approvals processes dent your ESAT score – with one click, your employees can approve or deny in seconds, all within their preferred collaboration software.

Unify all your approvals into one queue.

Need to approve IT spend, work-from-home benefits, or PTO? Provide a unified approval queue in-chat, no matter which system it comes from.

Protect your data & maintain compliance.

With Moveworks approvals, easy doesn’t mean risky. Our enterprise-grade, air-tight security protocols will protect every message, interaction, and approval.

Popular Fully Supported Approvals

Moveworks can speed up approvals across a number of platforms – with more coming every month.


  • Request item (RITM)
  • Change request (CHG)
  • Service requests (REQ)
  • Policy exception requests (PER)

Sailpoint IdentityIQ

  • Identity, governance, and administration (IGA)


  • Payroll & Time off


Moveworks Approvals comes packed with features, acting as the conversational layer between managers, users and their approvals.

Approval Notifications

Approval Actions

Approval Queue & Lookups

Approval Looping

Approval Notifications

Based on your configured approvals workflows, the correct approver will automatically get notifications with the right level of detail to approve or deny the request in chat.

Approval Actions

Allow users to take action on approvals directly in-chat, or if necessary, use a deep link to access the relevant approval in your system of record.

Approval Lookups

Managers can retrieve a list of all their open approvals any time they ask their Moveworks chatbot.

Approval Looping

Drive a chain reaction of acceleration by reminding approvers of all their open approvals anytime they accept or decline one.

If someone needs an app through Okta, Moveworks gets approvals and provisions the Okta tile. We don't have to touch it.

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Desktop Support Specialist, Automation

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