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Moveworks forges a strategic collaboration with Microsoft for its Next-Generation AI Copilot

Bhavin Shah, CEO and Founder

Moveworks Microsoft Partnership

The future is ours to shape.

Today, I’d like to announce that we’ve inked a key partnership with Microsoft. By combining the power of our AI technology with the unparalleled capabilities of Microsoft Azure, we're poised to deliver a secure, scalable, and robust AI experience to the global workforce.

After witnessing incredible interest for our Next-Generation AI Copilot, we are more committed than ever to delivering an exceptional employee experience at scale. Now, Microsoft Azure provides the stability, security, and privacy standards to help us meet this growing customer demand. 

To learn more, I invite you to join me at for a Fireside Chat: Bringing together AI solutions for better results with Katy Brown, VP of Enterprise Sales at Microsoft. Prepare to be inspired as we unveil the next chapter in generative AI for the enterprise.

Microsoft + Moveworks = The future of generative AI for the enterprise

Our collaboration with Microsoft reinforces our commitment to create delightful employee experiences through advanced AI capabilities. 

Microsoft has long been a leader in leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to empower people and organizations around the world. Through a diverse portfolio of AI-driven solutions, the company has enabled a wide range of compelling use cases that span intelligence, productivity, creativity, and connectivity.

Meanwhile at Moveworks, we have developed our own innovative approach to AI-powered enterprise solutions. At the core of our platform is the Moveworks Reasoning Engine — a powerful combination of the company's proprietary large language model, MoveLM™, and the advanced LLM offerings from Microsoft's Azure OpenAI. This synergy enables the Moveworks Copilot to engage in sophisticated, context-aware interactions, allowing it to deeply understand complex user needs and goals, and make well-informed, nuanced decisions.

This collaboration standardizes the Moveworks' artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform on Microsoft Azure. Furthermore, by leveraging Microsoft's flexible offerings like NVIDIA GPUs and Azure OpenAI’s provisioned throughput units (PTUs), it will allow us to build and deliver cutting-edge generative AI use cases to our customers

Extending the power of Microsoft Teams 

Our customers have been able to access Moveworks via Microsoft Teams for close to four years now. Every day since we announced our initial partnership, the Moveworks integration in Microsoft Teams has empowered our joint customers' employees to resolve their most critical support issues instantly and autonomously. 

As one of the first applications on the Microsoft Teams ecosystem, this new collaboration will further empower an organization’s employees to directly ask questions and automate tasks in their natural workflow with minimal disruption. Whether it’s getting access to a new software application, finding relevant product information, or drafting a quick email, they’ll be able to seamlessly action it within Teams. 

Unlocking new levels of productivity

By directly embedding cutting-edge AI into employees' daily tasks, this collaboration is paving the way to make generative AI more accessible and secure across various industry verticals. 

Our customers are already seeing some solid traction with Moveworks and Microsoft Teams. Equinix, a leading provider of digital infrastructure and data center services, was able to achieve 43 percent autonomous resolution and a 68 percent deflection of IT help desk tickets by deploying E-Bot, the Moveworks bot on Microsoft Teams. And Verisk, a data analytics company, engages 96 percent of its workforce via Moveworks. Plus, employees logged an extremely high employee response rate of 75 percent when it sent its employees key updates and reminders via bot in Teams to ease the transition back to office. 

Taking the enterprise Copilot experience to the next level

Gone are days of dealing with latency and capacity issues presented by most large language models on the market. As a Microsoft partner, Moveworks will be able to provide predictable capacity at an affordable pricing to customers across different regions.

With a secure gateway to access Open AI’s LLMs and the latest technologies, we’ll be able to scale our systems, train our models, and deliver a more robust customer experience. By combining the best of software and hardware capabilities — GPT-4 Turbo and NVIDIA H100s — we’re committed to bringing the most efficient, secure, and scalable generative AI solutions.

Moveworks is now available on the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace

Our newest collaboration with Microsoft extends beyond technological integration and customers can now find us on the Azure Marketplace. 

This collaboration will make it easier for joint customers to purchase and deploy Moveworks within their businesses. In fact, Microsoft customers will also be able to apply their existing Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitments (MACC) towards the purchase of Moveworks.

Join me at 

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be sharing the stage with Katy Brown, VP of Enterprise Sales at Microsoft for a Fireside Chat: Bringing together AI solutions for better results at .global and I’d like to extend a personal invitation. So mark your calendars for Tuesday, April 23 at 12:30 PM PST for this is a partnership deep dive you don’t want to miss. Here’s to new beginnings and constant value creation as a Microsoft partner! 

moveworks global speaker bhavin shah katy brown Moveworks CEO & Co-founder Bhavin Shah is joined by Microsoft's Katy Brown on stage at 2024.

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