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Never miss a single beat

Moveworks makes it simple for you to keep up with events in every enterprise system. Every time a contract is ready to send out or your laptop is due for an upgrade, our API messages your employees directly in chat.

Meet employees where they are

Your employees each have a unique way they work. Some are on Slack while others use email. Events workspace simplifies multi-channel messaging, letting you reach users on their preferred platform.

Integrate with any system in seconds

You don’t need a team of experts to set up integrations in Events workspace. Our API is simple yet powerful, able to support thousands of messages every minute across every system, from Salesforce to Workday.

Create smarter automations with Dynamic Flow

Automations need to adapt to your ever-changing environment, but rule-based systems just can’t keep up. Moveworks’ Dynamic Flow gets the right users the right answer every time.

The possibilities are endless

Benefits enrollment

Track budgets

Legal team reminders

Never miss benefits enrollment.

Send proactive notifications to your employees during open enrollment making sure they review their benefit selections.

Keep your team’s budget on track.

Give your employees real-time updates on their department’s budget to help them make informed purchasing decisions.

Stay on top of every contract you need to review.

Whenever a document is ready for your Legal team to review, they will automatically receive a reminder in chat.

“Creator Studio directly integrates with data sources like Snowflake, demonstrating a new way of approaching conversational AI development that is more accurate, has fewer points of failure, and lower latency.”

Rory Regan

Director of Infrastructure, Coca-Cola Consolidated

Connect Moveworks to any enterprise system

Connect Moveworks to any enterprise system

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