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Product Launch: Announcing multilingual support and Moveworks for Web

Varun Singh, VP of Product

multilingual support and moveworks

Companies succeed when every employee can do their best work. But with workforces scattered around the world, providing around-the-clock support in every language and on every channel just isn't feasible.

Our goal at Moveworks is to give every employee the immediate support they deserve — no matter how they prefer to get help or which language they speak. That’s why we’re so excited to make two huge announcements today.

First: Moveworks is now multilingual. Our platform offers deep, native support for employees who speak Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Portuguese, in addition to English. 

And second: We’re introducing Moveworks for Web. Now, Moveworks can provide the same instant support experience directly inside enterprise portals, including ServiceNow, SharePoint, and Epic.

These announcements will help usher in a new normal for companies with global teams. Our unique approach to multilingual support is purpose-built to tackle every step of solving support issues, from engaging with employees to providing the resources they need. And by expanding Moveworks to new communication channels, we've allowed you to support your people, anytime and anywhere.

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Moveworks is multilingual

moveworks is multilingual Figure 1: Employees deserve the same quality of support — no matter where they are or which language they speak.

For non-English speakers, getting help at work can be hard. Something as simple as troubleshooting a VPN connection or figuring out how to request time-off is extremely frustrating when a language barrier stands between an employee and the answer they need. Emailing an English-speaking service desk, navigating an English-only portal, or working through a dead-end dialog flow can derail an employee’s entire day. 

For help desks, there's no existing solution designed to automate support for a global workforce. Conventional chatbots, for instance, involve an enormous, expensive, and endless effort to hardcode conversations in each language — and then require even more effort to continuously update each dialog, in each language as things change over time.

Now with Moveworks, every one of your employees instantly gets the same access to support, no matter what language they speak.  We evolved the entire Moveworks Intelligence Engine™ to become multilingual at every step of solving an issue. Our platform:

  • Seamlessly engages with employees in their preferred language
  • Deeply understands support issues in any language
  • Delivers personalized solutions to every request

Critically, our multilingual support gets to work resolving issues with zero setup or maintenance by support teams. And since Moveworks automatically improves itself by incorporating new resources and supporting new use cases, employees continue to get what they need to stay productive.

Read a deep dive on our unique and powerful approach to multilingual support →


Introducing Moveworks for Web

moveworks for web Figure 2: Moveworks for Web ensures every employee gets the help they need — on whichever platform they prefer.

Employees should have access to the same instant help, no matter which channel they depend on. But for many of us, manually filing a support ticket in an ITSM tool or searching through a self-service portal is a waste of time. These systems aren’t always built with end-users in mind.

At Moveworks, we first focused on supporting employees in the enterprise messaging tools, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, that they use every day. That said, our goal is to make getting help at work effortless, wherever people go. We recognize that employees have different preferences and habits, with about 25% who rely on enterprise portals as their primary support channel.

So we decided to expand Moveworks’ reach with Moveworks for Web, which delivers support across many popular enterprise portals. With today’s launch, employees will have access to the same, high-quality Moveworks experience, directly inside ServiceNow, SharePoint, and Epic. It offers:

  • The same conversational AI interface in the enterprise portal
  • Notifications and communications that follow users across platforms
  • A fully secure experience, without a separate authentication process

Above all, Moveworks for Web means that employees can get instant help, however they choose to work.

Here at Moveworks, we're committed to making support effortless. Both multilingual support and Moveworks for Web play a massive role in transforming typically frustrating and time-consuming employee problems into simple conversations. Moving forward, we’ll continue to support even more languages and enterprise portals to solve support issues faster, no matter the complexity.

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