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Introducing the Moveworks platform

Bhavin Shah, CEO and Founder

Introducing the moveworks platform

Every day for the past half-decade, we’ve been inching closer to this moment.

We started in 2016 as a team of four people—with a big vision and a lot of work to do. Today, we’re a team of over 200 people from around the world, who’ve created an AI chatbot more sophisticated than anyone thought was possible, and who now support many of the most innovative companies on the planet. Between machine learning engineers, customer success managers, and graphic designers, our skills couldn’t be more different. 

But all of us joined Moveworks because we share the same belief. We believe that AI can automate our busy work, eliminate our disruptions, and let us focus on what matters. That belief has inspired us to resolve IT issues — like unlocking accounts, finding forms, and editing email groups — in seconds, using conversational AI to give employees exactly what they need. However, despite the massive impact we’ve achieved with customers like DocuSignBroadcom, and Hearst, we knew we could do even more than tech support. 

Ultimately, we wanted to solve every issue, for every employee, across every line of business. We wanted to provide a single solution—powered by AI—that makes help automatic, from IT and HR to Finance and Facilities. One bot for every request.

So we built it. Introducing the Moveworks platform.

The serious challenge of supporting employees

Supporting employees is one of the oldest and hardest challenges in the business world. It describes all the different ways that companies help their employees stay productive — including IT support, HR answers, policy information, and everything else that holds up important work.

At most companies, talented professionals are stuck solving employee support issues by hand. When an employee needs a Zoom license, or can’t remember the updated travel guidelines, she asks a person for assistance. It’s worth noting that employees could, in theory, address many of their own issues with resources that already exist, such as knowledge articles and forms. The problem? These resources are deeply buried within dozens of backend systems.

challenge of supporting employees Figure 1: Today’s complex digital businesses prevent employees from finding the resources they need.

The status quo of employee support has three major drawbacks:

  1. It forces employees to wait days before a busy support team fulfills their request, no matter how disruptive the issue.
  2. It means that highly trained professionals in IT, HR, Finance, and other departments spend the day on routine tasks, rather than rewarding projects.
  3. It slows down the organization as a whole, which reduces productivity, lowers morale, and threatens to damage relationships with clients.

That's why we built our platform: To be a one-stop shop

That’s why we built the the Moveworks platform: to be a one-stop shop for instant help at work. Instead of filing an IT ticket or emailing the HR team, employees can simply describe any issue to the Moveworks bot, just as they would to a professional. Under the hood, we use breakthroughs in machine learning — more on this point in a minute — to determine and then deliver the right resource to resolve the request. Whether the solution is an FAQ, a form, a software license, a phone number, a report, or an office floor plan, Moveworks understands the issue and takes immediate action.

one stop shop Figure 2: The Moveworks platform uses advanced machine learning to understand and resolve employees’ requests.

It took an army of engineers hundreds of thousands of hours to create our new platform. From a machine learning perspective, many of the techniques that power the platform weren’t possible 12 months ago. We had to build something that has never been built before: a conversational AI chatbot that learns each company’s unique lexicon, holds dynamic conversations with users as they switch topics, determines the optimal resolution to each issue, finds personalized answers from within disparate knowledge bases, and surfaces hard-to-find resources from across the enterprise—directly on the messaging tool. And over our next several blog posts, we'll dive deep into how we do it.

But for now, let me share how the Moveworks platform lets your department give employees immediate support, minus the busy work for you:

Tech support. But in seconds.

Moveworks remains the best at solving IT support issues — instantly and automatically. By addressing more than 40% of these tech issues without any manual intervention, Moveworks empowers your service desk to prioritize higher-value work, while buying back a huge amount of time for employees.

Key use cases:

  • Software provisioning
  • Password resets
  • Email group updates
  • IT troubleshooting
  • Ordering hardware

Transform your IT support >

Deliver HR help. Automatically.

In a business climate defined by constant change, HR teams face an endless barrage of questions from employees. After analyzing millions of real-world HR questions, Moveworks can now resolve employees’ inquiries in real time — by extracting the exact paragraph with the answer from your knowledge base. Our bot is already enabling people-centric HR teams to concentrate on truly meaningful conversations. 

Key use cases:

  • Benefits inquiries
  • Payroll information
  • Tax questions 
  • New hire onboarding
  • Employment verification

Automate your HR help >

Stop answering finance questions.

The Moveworks platform can now answer finance questions on your behalf — letting your team effortlessly ensure compliance with new policies. By considering each employee’s role, location, and seniority, our bot provides personalized responses to common inquiries, while routing complex requests to the right subject-matter expert. 

Key use cases:

  • Expense policy questions
  • Compensation inquiries
  • M&A issues
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Deal process clarification

Solve finance issues faster >

Fix facilities issues with AI.

As a facilities manager, you’re focused on the big picture: managing the return to work, renovating the office, and maintaining business continuity. The Moveworks platform can handle the small details for you — solving employees’ facilities issues the moment they need help. Moveworks transforms resources like FAQs and floor plans into a format optimized for chat, so that employees get their answer without leaving the conversation with our bot.

Key use cases:

  • Building access requests 
  • Conference room lookups
  • Return-to-work communications
  • Work-from-home coordination
  • Contact information

Answer facilities questions with AI >

Messages that inspire action.

As part of the expanded platform, we’re also excited to announce our brand new module for Employee Communications, which allows company leaders to send targeted and interactive messages directly through Moveworks. And because these messages are delivered by our bot, they come with the full power of the Moveworks platform. That means employees can get answers to any follow-up questions regarding the message, right away, simply by asking Moveworks.

Key use cases:

  • Software migrations
  • Open enrollment
  • Mandatory training
  • License reclamation
  • System outages

Boost engagement with your comms >

Request a demo to see the Moveworks platform in action.

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