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Total Economic Impact™ study finds Moveworks delivered a 256% ROI

Varun Singh, Co-Founder and President

movemorks total economic Impact

In 2023, thriving businesses are focused on resilience

To succeed in this dynamic business environment, leaders must prioritize investments in solutions addressing core challenges to drive growth. One such challenge across most organizations is inadequate employee support extending across various departments — including IT, HR, finance, and facilities.

Enter Moveworks, a conversational AI interface designed to streamline complex enterprise systems and efficiently address support needs. Moveworks offers out-of-the-box solutions for IT, HR, finance, facilities, and more and the ability to build custom use cases. 

To showcase the advantages of incorporating Moveworks into any enterprise environment, we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, evaluating the potential ROI organizations can achieve with our out-of-the-box solutions. The study compiles the experiences of five rapidly growing companies that struggled with escalating support desk requests and increasing costs due to limited self-service options for employees.

Focusing primarily on Moveworks' solutions for IT and HR, the study revealed a three-year ROI of 256%. The study assumes the composite organization has Moveworks for ITMoveworks for HR, and Employee Comms in place with around 30,000 employees, growing at 3% annually. The composite organization saw benefits of $11.5 million over three years, uncovering the significant footprint Moveworks leaves on modern businesses.

The TEI study's results clearly define our solution's tangible benefits — ultimately positioning Moveworks as a valuable partner for companies looking to boost resilience and growth.

Without further ado, here are the highlights of the study. It found that Moveworks:  

  • Resolved up to 60% of recurring IT problems instantly
  • Saved 90,000 productive hours annually 
  • Reduced $2.2 million in HR service costs
  • Contributed to nearly $2.1 million in additional productivity savings by streamlining employee communication and expediting approvals
  • And more…

Watch our webinar with Forrester for a deep dive.


Support employees instantly and at scale

Quickly resolving employee IT problems is essential for any organization. 

With Moveworks, up to 60% of recurring IT problems were resolved instantly — leading to service desk cost savings of nearly $3.7 million over three years.

The key to achieving this level of support efficiency lies in our AI. Moveworks has a robust, sophisticated natural language understanding (NLU) engine trained on 500+ million support issues that recognizes 99% of enterprise support requests out of the box. Instead of following a pre-programmed path, it analyzes conversational context to seamlessly shift between topics and generate the right dialogue on the fly.

No matter how, or in what language, employees describe their problems, our bot gets the message and then acts accordingly — providing precise answers to employees’ questions directly in chat.

employees instant support

Save employees’ time and energy

Automating support with AI boosts efficiency and drives savings. 

By automating and accelerating support, users across IT, HR, finance, and approval use cases reclaimed nearly 90,000 productive hours annually, generating nearly $3.6 million in productivity savings over three years. 

The key to realizing these savings is integrating and connecting apps, systems, workflows, and automations across departments. Harnessing hundreds of machine learning models, our platform evolves with your support ecosystem, offering a rich chat experience and a single conversational interface that resolves employees' issues promptly. 

single conversational interface

Maximize your valuable budget

Implementing AI as part of your cost-reduction strategy equips the service desk to succeed in today's economy while fostering an efficient, cost-effective support organization.

The TEI study found Moveworks delivered significant savings by streamlining internal HR services through AI, up to $2.2 million over three years.

These cost savings result from consolidating all support services under a single AI umbrella. AI automation handles tedious, repetitive tasks, freeing employees to concentrate on strategic, high-value work. This approach not only boosts productivity but also enables employees to gain higher-value skills and reduces overall support costs. 

Ultimately, Moveworks enables support teams to avoid time-consuming, low-value tasks while delivering higher-quality service to employees and customers.


maximize your valuable budget

Accelerate communication and approvals

Moveworks enables organizations to accelerate communication and approvals, substantially improving their overall productivity. 

By leveraging the platform's ability to support organizational changes and initiatives, users streamlined employee communication, expedited approvals, and contributed to nearly $2.1 million in additional productivity savings over three years.

Moveworks helps craft targeted, actionable messages that resonate with employees based on location and department, ensuring increased engagement. With built-in and customizable proactive notifications to handle potential issues, such as account lockouts and expiring passwords, these timely messages empower employees to take action directly from chat while addressing any follow-up questions. And with detailed insights into user engagement, Moveworks enables organizations to run increasingly effective campaigns that drive change while keeping employees informed. 

accelerate communication and approvals

Unlock the full potential of AI with Moveworks

Moveworks provides not only quantitative benefits but also delivers valuable qualitative advantages, such as an improved employee experience, cost-effective scalability, increased knowledge visibility, potential for higher revenue, and the ability to upskill support agents. 

Here’s a selection of key results revealed by individual interviewees in this study:

  • Employee experience: Streamlining IT assistance at one organization reduced frustrations and created a better work environment, as evidenced by a notable decrease in password reset-related IT tickets from 62% to 28%.
  • Cost-effective scalability: A participant notes that Moveworks helped support growth without high costs from automating processes, resulting in monthly savings of $13,000 from automatic triaging and ticket assignment.
  • Increased self-service support: By making relevant information easily accessible, Moveworks enables employees at one company to resolve their issues quickly, contributing to a 65% reduction in tier-one support calls within a year.
  • Potential for higher revenue: Improved efficiency and productivity pave the way for revenue growth, as seen in an organization within the manufacturing industry, which saved $2.2 million in the first year.
  • Up-skilling employees: Implementing Moveworks at one organization led to the repurposing of 19 outsourced service desk staff as their monthly IT support calls decreased by a staggering 95%, allowing employees to focus on higher-value tasks.

This study clearly demonstrates that conversational AI has evolved from a nice-to-have to an essential tool for successful businesses. Forrester’s results prove this substantial shift, showcasing how conversational AI technology dramatically impacts organizations beyond merely improving the employee experience.

Conversational AI empowers employees to concentrate on strategic tasks that propel the business forward by significantly enhancing efficiency, raising productivity levels, and liberating valuable time. As a result, AI-driven support services have become an essential component in the development and progress of modern enterprises.

Read the full study from Forrester now.

Watch our webinar for a deep dive. 

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