Blog / May 10, 2024

Unlock Moveworks AI with your Azure Consumption Commitments

Varun Singh, Founder and President

Apply Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitments to Moveworks Copilot

AI transformation starts with strategic investments.

From accelerating cloud adoption to rolling out intelligent automation, IT leaders are always looking for ways to streamline. That's why we're excited to announce that joint Microsoft and Moveworks customers can now apply their existing Azure Consumption Commitments directly towards the purchase of the Moveworks AI Copilot.

With this flexible new purchasing model, organizations can extend the value of their existing Azure investment to easily take advantage of Moveworks' advanced AI capabilities for automating employee support. By unlocking digital transformation with existing resources, such as Azure Consumption Commitments, customers gain an innovative force multiplier for their support operations.

The Moveworks-Microsoft partnership 

This procurement flexibility is possible thanks to an expanded strategic partnership between Moveworks and Microsoft. By combining our powerful AI technology with Microsoft's capabilities in Azure and Teams, we're enabling enterprise customers to realize the full potential of generative AI within their existing tech stack.

Joint customers can not only purchase the AI Copilot through their Azure commitment and offset their Azure commitment to Microsoft, but also deploy it directly within the Microsoft Teams environment their employees use every day. This integration extends Teams' collaborative power with an AI assistant that can understand and action requests in natural language and add powerful new capabilities for employee support that they would not otherwise get through Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 alone.

How to get started

For existing Azure customers interested in purchasing the Moveworks Copilot through their Consumption Commitment, the first step is to contact either your Microsoft account team or Moveworks sales representative. They will provide guidance on reviewing your remaining Azure commitment balance and determining the ideal Moveworks product configuration, resulting in a customized Private Offer.

Once the procurement process is initiated, our technical teams will work to customize the Moveworks AI Copilot for your specific needs and provision any required Microsoft 365 integrations like Teams and SharePoint. Throughout implementation and ongoing usage, you'll have access to Moveworks' AI ops experts to ensure a seamless experience as your intelligent automation footprint expands across the organization.

The future of enterprise productivity combines the ease of cloud adoption with the transformative potential of generative AI. This Moveworks-Microsoft partnership opens up a new chapter to accelerate that future — using the technology investments you've already made. We're excited for you to experience the next wave of workforce innovation.

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