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Moveworks-Carahsoft partnership brings conversational AI to the public sector

Peter Barrett, Director of Federal Strategy


As digital workplaces become more complex, minor setbacks can cause significant disruptions. This holds especially true for the public sector. Even a small issue can impact critical operations and services, resulting in consequences that affect numerous citizens.

This challenge, combined with the growing demand for conversational AI which is fueled in part by the surge in advanced large language models and tools like ChatGPT, offers a means to tackle everyday disruptions and streamline the employee experience.

That’s why I’m excited to announce Moveworks’ new strategic partnership with Carahsoft. Carahsoft will be the Master Government Aggregator® for Moveworks, making our trusted, secure conversational AI platform available to the public sector.

Working together, we can bring conversational AI to government organizations in a way that meets their specific needs and high security standards. And we can empower employees to engage with various systems and resources seamlessly through natural language, minimizing distractions and maximizing productivity in the workplace.

Today, I’ll set out two key areas where this partnership will make a big impact for government support teams and employees:

  1. Streamlining support across systems
  2. Proactively addressing potential issues


Surface the right solutions

Employees everywhere face disruptions on the regular. Slow computer startups, email issues, and finding HR policy information amidst thousands of pages of documentation all cause delays and frustration in day-to-day work.

Moveworks closes the gap between employees and the systems they engage with. By providing a single platform for assistance and leveraging advanced AI, like OpenAI's GPT-4, Moveworks automates support processes from start to finish. This helps eliminate the need for employees to master multiple systems and applications, allowing them to access resources through the most natural asset: Language. 

need solution to the problem Figure 1: When an employee needs information, Moveworks can instantly surface the resources needed to solve the problem.

For example, an employee messages Moveworks saying they need to add a dependent to their healthcare plan. Moveworks’ natural language understanding (NLU) interprets this message, surfacing next steps.

This is just one example of how Moveworks can help connect and surface information from backend HR, IT, finance, and facilities systems. Some additional examples include:

The Moveworks-Carahsoft partnership allows public sector employees to help themselves, reducing stress on overburdened support teams and allowing everyone to focus on strategic projects without interruption.


Resolve issues proactively

Moveworks not only addresses real-time issues but also helps prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

When the AI detects an issue or an upcoming password expiration, it proactively prompts employees to take action. These targeted notifications prevent problems from escalating and reaching the service desk, eliminating downtime and lightening the load on support teams.

In this way, Moveworks can eliminate preventable downtime for public sector employees — while also scratching tasks off support teams’ to-do lists.

carahsoft-partnership-resolve-issues-proactively Figure 2: Moveworks notifies employees proactively, helping prevent disruptions before they happen.

For example, when credentials expire unexpectedly, workflows can be disrupted. Moveworks tracks password expiration dates and intelligently sends reminders to employees, preventing future issues.

This is just one example where Moveworks can engage with employees proactively. Some other examples include:


Moveworks joins the trusted list of Carahsoft vendors to support the public sector

It's crucial for the public sector to adopt innovative solutions to keep operations running smoothly, reduce potential downtime, and maintain public trust.

By leveraging conversational AI platforms for internal support, government employees can efficiently navigate systems, enhance productivity, and alleviate support team workloads. 

This robust collaboration between Moveworks and Carahsoft guarantees the readiness and trustworthiness essential for serving the government and its workforce. I have complete confidence in Carahsoft's remarkable history of supporting public sector agencies at federal, state, and local levels, as well as in education and healthcare. 

Ultimately, our unified efforts empower businesses and support teams to continuously improve and exceed employee expectations in the digital workplace experience.


Moveworks is the leading enterprise conversational AI platform

ChatGPT wasn’t made to help you improve the employee experience; Moveworks was.

As the only SaaS conversational AI provider to be successfully deployed in Microsoft Government Community Cloud High (GCC-H) Teams, Moveworks is uniquely able to serve the public sector's needs for a secure, compliant, and scalable conversational AI solution for employee support and more.

And we're not stopping there. We’re focused on building the world’s leading conversational AI platform. We’re constantly innovating, plugged into the latest advances in the field, and looking for ways to improve our platform.

Today, we offer what I — and our customers — truly believe to be the best conversational AI platform for the public sector:

  1. Enterprise-grade security: Moveworks is committed to safeguarding your organization's sensitive data with the highest levels of security and compliance while delivering exceptional AI-driven experiences for employees.
  2. Enterprise understanding: Our platform understands employees' needs, regardless of the language they use, right out of the box. By leveraging best-in-class foundation models, Moveworks stays at the forefront of AI technology, ensuring highly accurate and personalized conversational AI experiences that cater to the complexity of enterprise data.
  3. Actionable recommendations: We provide valuable insights into your support environment, enabling organizations to identify gaps, customize user experiences, and streamline workflows for continuous improvements.
  4. Rapid implementation: Our platform can be deployed within days, not weeks or months, ensuring a quick return on your investment.
  5. Omnichannel support and deep native integrations: Moveworks ensures seamless integration with a wide range of enterprise systems through deep native integrations and APIs, empowering end-to-end automation, lookups, and searches for a superior user experience across various channels, like Microsoft Teams and Slack.
  6. Extensibility and configuration controls: With Moveworks' intuitive development interface, organizations can create custom use cases and conversation flows, allowing them to tailor conversational AI solutions to meet their specific needs.

No matter your industry, conversational AI from Moveworks can elevate your employee experience, improving every interaction throughout their journey. Don’t just take our word for it — leading companies like Hearst and Palo Alto Networks have experienced incredible results with our platform.

See what the Moveworks-Carahsoft partnership can do for you. Request a demo.

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