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November 2 was a big day for Moveworks. Our global community came together for a jam-packed agenda centered around the future of AI and automation in the enterprise.

Keynotes outlined our vision for the future of copilots in the enterprise, while provocative discussions explored how our customers are achieving employee service at scale today

We heard from leading companies at the forefront of digital transformation, including Micron, Palo Alto Networks, and Unilever, on how they are incorporating the Moveworks Platform into their strategies. And exciting product demos provided a sneak peek into our latest generative AI and analytics innovations that are currently empowering businesses around the globe.

For those who missed or just want to revisit the highlights, read on for a recap of the event's key takeaways, exciting announcements, and most memorable moments. It was a privilege to have our community come together, and we're already looking forward to the next event!


Moveworks' customers are shaping the future of enterprise AI.

Long before ChatGPT ever burst onto the scene, the Moveworks team had already been tirelessly working on how to best apply large language models to meet business-critical needs. Through extensive outreach to customers, including on-sites, local events, and conferences, Moveworks gained invaluable insights into real-world enterprise pain points this technology can solve.

Guided by this research, CEO Bhavin Shah unveiled a bold vision for Moveworks' future, with our next-gen copilot at its center. This copilot gives employees one central place to turn for help. No matter what applications employees use, it can increase their impact by instantly pointing them in the right direction across IT, HR, and other departments.

The completely re-architected Moveworks Platform supercharges this copilot with security, insights, and customization. Our proprietary large language model, MoveLM, brings the copilot's capabilities to life without compromising trust and security. Real-time analytics provide visibility into how employees interact with the copilot. And full customization integrates the platform seamlessly. 

Simply put — our platform serves as a universal, conversational interface sitting above an organization's tools, connecting everyone to the resources and next steps they need to succeed.

This opening keynote set the stage for Bhavin encouraged every customer to use this day not only to learn about Moveworks but also as an opportunity to ideate and brainstorm with other leaders so as to better lead the AI transformation at our own organizations.

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Moveworks redefines enterprise AI with a next-gen copilot.

Jiang Chen, Moveworks’ CTO of AI, delivered a keynote that echoed the sentiments of many in the field, highlighting how the emergence of ChatGPT marked an unexpected turning point in the realm of machine learning. Jiang emphasized that the industry response to this significant development was underwhelming, as many companies merely patched generative AI onto their existing tech or resorted to simple API calls. 

At Moveworks, we took a different approach, starting by reevaluating our platform, from our problem-solving methods to our very architecture. This strategic move allowed us to create an AI-powered copilot capable of engaging in fluid dialogues and tackling intricate tasks in the enterprise world. 

Now, after ten months of intensive development, Jiang proudly introduced the new architecture that powers this copilot, revealing its two essential components: a reasoning engine and an action engine. These engines work in harmony to understand any complex request that comes in and then determine the best action plan to solve that problem for the employee. 

The true potential of this engine shines when combined with plugins. It can execute action plans to search and take action across numerous systems in a matter of moments. Our plugins provide added value by working in collaboration and connecting to multiple systems simultaneously, thanks to their versatile one-to-many relationship. 

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The best part? Our plugins seamlessly integrate with the systems our customers already use, requiring no additional configuration or implementation. With 35 ready-to-use plugins, another 100 in development, and the flexibility to create custom solutions, the possibilities are limitless.

Notably, this upleveled approach extends beyond technology to encompass a strong commitment to security and privacy. We do not use customer data to train MoveLM, reserving customer data for customer-specific models. Our security standards and certifications have earned the trust of some of the world's largest and most reputable companies, some of whom joined Moveworks on stage at the event. 

Thanks to this complete re-architecture, our customers will unlock tremendous value. But it's essential to remember that this is just the beginning. While our focus has been on addressing familiar use cases, the real innovation lies ahead. Our new architecture enables continuous improvement, creating a ripple effect that will deliver even more transformative power to our customers in the coming months and quarters.


CIOs are bullish on generative AI's potential to transform business.

At, we brought together an elite panel of CIOs and technology leaders from top enterprises like Unilever, Palo Alto Networks, Micron, and Salesforce to share their visions for leveraging generative AI to drive real business impact.

A key theme was using generative AI to empower employees and boost productivity. As Micron's CIO explained, while service desks have seen gains, improving user experience company-wide is the next frontier. With the Moveworks Platform, businesses can automate tasks across their application stack using natural language — no coding required.

The CIOs also emphasized that trust and security are paramount when deploying AI. Adhering to strict data controls and permissions is key to safeguarding sensitive information. As Palo Alto Networks' CIO explained, Moveworks provides an abstraction layer, shielding users from directly interacting with models. This approach protects personal and company data while building critical user trust — essential for driving adoption and extracting maximum AI value.

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Speed and seamless integrations across business systems are also critical. Salesforce chose to partner with Moveworks due to rapid time-to-value compared to building AI in-house. With turnkey connections to IT and HR systems via Creator Studio, Moveworks accelerates ROI immediately. As Unilever's CTO described, Moveworks gives users one central place to go for help getting the most out of all their applications and their respective copilots.

These technology trailblazers were bullish on generative AI's potential to transform operations, empower employees, and future-proof their businesses. With early access to Moveworks' next-gen copilot, they are eager to unlock new use cases and insights across their organizations.


Moveworks' customers maximize service efficiency with natural language analytics.

Optimizing service delivery is more vital than ever. We all know that inefficient workflows lead to frustrated teams, lower initiative success rates, and result in higher costs and poor employee experiences. Traditional ITSM analytics only scratch the surface.

Moveworks' Employee Experience Insights (EXI) provides the deep visibility needed to prioritize the right projects at the right time to drive real improvement — and this session explored the value that several customers are getting from the platform. 

Our journey building EXI began with a profound realization: natural language AI can empower leaders with data-driven insights for smarter, more efficient operations and better outcomes. EXI leverages the power of large language models to extract valuable insights from unstructured ticket data, helping to identify key areas to improve employee experiences, prioritize projects, and measure impact. EXI shines the spotlight on critical gaps that are left undiscovered by surface-level reporting.

We were thrilled to spotlight Hearst, one of our long-time customers, in this session. EXI has proven transformative for the Hearst team. With its comprehensive result-tracking dashboard, EXI enables Hearst to pinpoint issues that traditional reporting tools overlook. For instance, Hearst leverages EXI to identify delays at smaller sites and continuously improve processes. The team reviews the user-friendly monthly recaps to stay on top of the platform's impact. In short, EXI's effectiveness as an insightful reporting tool has led to remarkable results for Hearst.

While Hearst offered just one success story, over the past year, EXI has been pivotal in helping many organizations boost service efficiency and employee experiences while realizing major cost savings. AI insights drive innovation by enhancing visibility, simplifying reporting, and empowering teams. EXI enables a new era of efficiency.

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Generative AI automates workflows across the enterprise.

Identifying opportunities for automation is only the first step. To truly transform enterprise workflows, companies need to leverage AI to actively build and scale automation across their businesses. And that’s precisely what Moveworks’ Creator Studio helps companies achieve. 

Since launching in April of this year, Creator Studio has enabled customers to rapidly build and deploy automation across systems like SAP Ariba, Salesforce, Workday, and more. Leading organizations are harnessing the power of Creator Studio's generative AI to rapidly automate processes across their organizations. 

At the event, Creator Studio customers took center stage, showing how they actively leverage its capabilities to build and scale automation like never before. 

We learned how Toyota is using Creator Studio to eliminate burdensome, low-level IT tasks. By automating password resets and leveraging solutions like Nexthink, the company is well on its way to eliminating the L1 service desk entirely. 

Other companies like Micron are managing multiple developer teams to execute automation in parallel across HR systems like Workday and data platforms like Snowflake. With Creator Studio, Micron’s IT team can easily provide weekly updates to executives on active projects and roadblocks while using tools like Jira for daily standups within dev teams. This rigorous project management is key to the company’s automation success.

Armed with these real-world stories, attendees left inspired and equipped to extend their AI copilots into every corner of their organization. With Creator Studio, enterprises can realize the full promise of an automated future.


Generative AI is set to change knowledge creation and management as we know it.

To tackle support challenges, an AI copilot is indispensable. And to make AI copilots work, comprehensive knowledge is essential. This is to say that knowledge is the cornerstone for unlocking employee potential, empowering teams, and optimizing investments.

But traditional knowledge management is plagued by common pain points. Employees waste time searching outdated knowledge bases, and companies lose millions due to a lack of readily available information. Creating and updating articles is manual, slow, and frustrating.

At, we demonstrated how customers are leveraging our generative AI grounded in your unique enterprise data to forever change enterprise knowledge management.

Enter Knowledge Studio — the solution set to conquer these challenges. Its features include surfacing knowledge recommendations based on real issues being encountered by employees in your organization and generating accurate, verifiable content from scratch. Our platform is engineered with security, privacy, and responsible AI principles at its core. We incorporate compliance, AI security, and privacy-by-design in every aspect of our product to ensure the highest levels of data protection and responsible AI for our customers.

This session highlighted a true customer success story. Palo Alto Networks shared how Knowledge Studio helped close knowledge gaps, free up service teams, boost productivity, and enhance efficiency. The AI instantly creates relevant, customized knowledge across the enterprise.

Knowledge Studio is poised to transform how companies create, manage, and leverage knowledge. Its ability to overcome age-old obstacles and deliver immense value makes generative AI the future of knowledge management. connected AI innovators worldwide.

The future of AI is brighter than ever. illuminated the art of the possible, equipping us all with the knowledge and connections to drive enterprise transformation. United by our shared vision for AI, we left inspired, empowered, and eager to push boundaries.

A huge thanks to our brilliant customers — both those who attended and those who shared their stories — for their insights and innovations. This community of trailblazers propels us all forward.

The road ahead is filled with endless potential, and this community is clearly ready to reimagine what AI can achieve. Let's get to work shaping the future!

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